Israel begins daily four-hour ceasefires in northern Gaza


The Israel get started to apply daily four hours pauses at hostilities in its northern part Lane her Gaza in order to remove the civiliansaccording to his announcement White House her afternoon Thursday.

More specifically, his representative National Security Council of the White House, John Kirbystated that the daily cessation of hostilities will take place three hours before their application

“The Israelis told us there won’t be any military businesses in these areas during the pause and that this process starts today”, he emphasized Kirby.

According to Reuters, the pauses resulted from discussions between officials of USA and his Israel in the last few days, in which the American president participated among others Joe Biden and the prime minister of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu.

“Important first step”

Kirby himself characteristically noted that: “We understand that Israel will begin to implement a four-hour pause in areas of northern Gaza” and characterized the news as “important first steps”, while adding that the US “would like to see it continue ( such actions) for as long as they are needed.”

Kirby went on to say that a cease-fire between Israel and Hamas fighters is not considered normal because doing so would help Hamas and “legitimize what they did on October 7th, and we’re just not going to tolerate that right now.” .

Israeli colonel denies there is a humanitarian crisis in Gaza

At the same time, an Israeli colonel denies that there is a humanitarian crisis in Gaza. Moshe Tetro, head of the Gaza Coordination and Liaison Command, initially told US correspondent Mark Stone that there was no humanitarian crisis in Gaza.

Asked about shortages of food and medical supplies in Gaza, Colonel Tetro said there are “many humanitarian challenges, not only in Gaza, but in Israel. We are at war.”

“We allow food in, basically freely,” he argued

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