AADE: Automatic return of VAT to minors over 12 years of age

AADE: Automatic return of VAT to minors over 12 years of age
AADE: Automatic return of VAT to minors over 12 years of age

The Independent Public Revenue Authority is proceeding with the automatic issuance of TINs to dependent minor unmarried children, over 12 years of age.

From next Monday, November 13, 2023, minors who have or will have reached the age of 12 by 12/31/2023, they will obtain a VAT number, automatically, based on the data of the Income Tax Returns of 2022 and the AMKA details of the parentsas verified by the Civil Registry.

The identification of minors and their parents is achieved through special interoperability developed in collaboration with the General Secretariat of Information Systems for Digital Governance (GIPSPSD), and data exchange with the Social Security Electronic Governance (EDIKA).

No parental action is needed

And all this, without any action from the parents. Upon completion of the VAT return process, for minor children who will be identified through the above digital process, both parents will be informed of the TIN assigned to the child, via:

electronic notification, to the e-mail address they have registered in the myAADE digital portal, under the Register & Contact/ Contact Details route

posting, on the myAADE digital portal, under Register & Contact/ My Messages.

In addition, the minor’s TIN details will henceforth appear as “Related TIN” in the parent’s natural person relationship image, in the digital portal myAADE/ Registry & Contact/ Natural Person Details.

Over 350,000 minors will get a VAT number

It is estimated that with this process more than 350,000 minor children over 12 years of age will receive TINs. Based on the relevant data, today over 80,000 applications are submitted annually for granting VAT to minor children.

The goal of AADE is, in a second phase, to grant, with the same procedure, TINs to all minor childrenfrom the first year of their age, who have been declared by their parents in the Income Tax Returns and can be identified with the above digital process.

With the new process, parents are greatly facilitated, as they will no longer need to submit an application and to visit the DOU to get their minor children’s tax ID. At the same time, it is ensured that the tax declarations of the parents are completed more fully and the possibility of verifying that they are beneficiaries of the foreseen reliefs, allowances and aids.

It is clarified that the granting of VAT numbers to minors does not create an obligation for them to submit declarations.

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