Parliament: Removal of immunity for the 11 “Spartans” with 285 votes in favor


It was preceded by a request from the prosecutor of the Supreme Court, Georgia Adelini

With 285 votes in favor, the Plenary of the Parliament approved the lifting of the immunity of the 11 MPs of the Spartans, following the request of the prosecutor of the Supreme Court, Georgia Adelini.

Only one vote against the removal was recorded, while 15 MPs were absent.

The investigation into the Spartan party began after the statements of its president, Vassilis Stiga, who claimed that extra-parliamentary centers in Greek Mafia terms, guide his deputies.

The lifting of immunity concerns the MPs Athanasius Copper, Charalambo KatsivardaGeorgio Manousou, Alexandros Gervais, Ioannis DimitrokallisDionysius Valtogiannis, George AspiotiMichael Gavgiotaki, Ioannis ContiPeter Dimitriadis and Constantine Flower.

During the discussion and taking of the decision – in accordance with articles 62 of the Constitution and articles 43A and 83 of the Rules of Procedure of the Parliament – ​​the president of the party spoke, Vassilis Stigas, while the MPs, whose immunity was requested to be lifted, were also appointed.


-Of the 286, in total, MPs who voted, 285 voted in favor of lifting the immunity of the 10 “Spartan” MPs, while one voted against it.

Of the 285 who voted to lift the immunity of the now independent MP Konstantinos Floros, 284 MPs were in favor, while one was against.

The removal of their immunity was requested earlier by all 11 deputies who took the floorto shine, as they said, all the truth, rejecting the accusations of their manipulation by Ilias Kasidiaris.

It is reminded that the Ethics Committee of the Parliament had decided and recommended unanimously to the Plenary, the lifting of their immunityaccepting the relevant request of the prosecutor of the Supreme Court, Georgia Adelini.

The president of “Spartiates”, Vassilis Stigas, who is not included in the indictment, handed it over prosecution of MPs in “sensational moves to inject some blood into the media arena» and rejected the accusations of manipulation of his deputies by Ilias Kasidiaris.

It should be noted that Mr. Stiga’s statements about “extra-parliamentary centers that operate in terms of “Greek mafia”” and guide his MPs, were the reason for the judicial investigation to be launched and were included in the minutes sent to the Parliament together with the request to lift immunity .

Mr. Stigas accused ND, SYRIZA, PASOK and the Media that “already handing out Spartan robes” and added that under no circumstances could he himself become anyone’s straw man.

“There has never been an issue of guidance for me personally. At least I don’t look like any party leader who passed through Parliament. As a man and as a politician, I know very well how to respect the pants I wear. We have never cheated the Greek people continuously by selling seaweed for silk ribbons”he emphasized among other things.

The MPs referred to justice are:

Athanasios Chalkias, Charalambos Katsivardas, Giorgos Manousos, Alexandros Zerveas, Ioannis Dimitrokallis, Dionysis Valtogiannis, Giorgios Aspiotis, Michael Gavgiotakis, Ioannis Kontis, Petros Dimitriadis, as well as Konstantinos Floros who has become independent from the “Spartiaton” party.


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