Faye’s father brought to light the horror: Prostitution, begging, beatings and falling in front of passing cars

Faye’s father brought to light the horror: Prostitution, begging, beatings and falling in front of passing cars
Faye’s father brought to light the horror: Prostitution, begging, beatings and falling in front of passing cars

Aspects of the horror experienced by 23-year-old Faye, whose ordeal ended in the most tragic way on October 8, 2021 when she was found dead in a blanket near her home in Kypseli, is brought to light by the lawsuit filed by the father of the unfortunate pregnant woman, which was essentially and the man who stirred up the case, which was “buried” for a year and led to the arrest of the sister, the mother and the landlady.

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“For a year, the Cell Sub-Directorate did nothing about the case. Then, after we filed a complaint, the investigations were taken over by the Homicide Department of the Hellenic Police, who really did an excellent job.” notes in documentonews.gr, the lawyer Voula Dimitriadou, who filed the lawsuit on behalf of Faie’s father.

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It is recalled that the unfortunate girl, then pregnant with her fourth child, was in the ELPIS hospital refrigerator for a whole month, unclaimed, while she was finally buried as unidentified. Then, the 23-year-old’s father filed a lawsuit and asked for an investigation into the manner of his death. In fact, he had appointed a special investigator to investigate the case.

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Life is hell

The father explains that he only had telephone communication with his child as it was her decision to settle in the defendant’s house and he had reservations about the motives and purpose of the accommodation. After stating that he had doubts about the cause of Faye’s death as she was not facing any health problem to attribute her death to natural causes.

However, the father also refers to testimonies from neighbors who, as they said, systematically heard from the lighting man swearing at her and hitting her as well as psychological violence against her, that she begs daily and is handed over to foreigners.

In fact, when the 23-year-old became pregnant, the defendant used to kick her in the abdomen to make her abort. As well as that the neighbors kept seeing Fotini with blackened eyes and scratches on her neck, while recently they also saw her with a short haircut.

It is also pointed out that three years before her death, the young woman was brutally abused by the prosecutor, who forced her by physical violence and beatings to hand over to a large number of male Pakistani citizens for money, as well as to beg by handing over what she earned daily to the defendant who was demonstrably watching her at arm’s length.

Faye, according to her father’s lawsuit, did not reveal her drama out of fear.

He was forcing her to fall in front of passing vehicles

Another point in the father’s lawsuit is sensational as, as he emphasizes, he forced her to engage in dangerous and illegal activities, such as falling in front of passing vehicles, getting injured and along the way the defendant negotiating with the drivers of the vehicles and to avoid legal disputes the payment of a sum of money as compensation.

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