Spartans: The Plenary decided to lift immunity

Spartans: The Plenary decided to lift immunity
Spartans: The Plenary decided to lift immunity

Parliament gave the green light for lifting the immunity of the Spartans MPs, in order for the “11” to testify at the Supreme Court’s prosecutor’s office and give explanations for Vassilis Stiga’s complaints about association with Ilias Kasidiaris, a while ago.

During the roll-call vote, a total of 286 MPs voted, of which 285 voted in favor of the removal and only 1 voted against, therefore the 11 MPs of the Spartans will report to the Prosecutor of the Supreme Court as suspects of committing the crime of voter fraud.

During the discussion and taking of the decision – in accordance with articles 62 of the Constitution and articles 43A and 83 of the Rules of Procedure of the Parliament – the president of the party, Vassilis Stigas, spoke, while the members of parliament, whose immunity was requested to be lifted, were also present.

“First of all as a man and as a politician I respect the pants I wear, I am not manipulated, I am not guided”

The request to lift the immunity of the eleven was requested by the prosecutor of the Supreme Court, Georgia Adelini, in the context of the preliminary investigation she is conducting into the crime of voter fraud during the recent national elections.

Fire in all directions

“First of all, as a man and as a politician, I respect the pants I wear, I’m not manipulated, I’m not guided,” said the President of the “Spartians” Vassilis Stigas from the floor of the Plenary.

This time he was not accusatory to his MPs, he did not talk about “Greek mafia” but attacked the other parties.

He attacked ND, SYRIZA, KKE and PASOK, which from the beginning had asked not to give funding to a specific party. “You who owe 400 million abandon us? What did we do to not get the money?’ said Vassilis Stigas and added “Ilias Kassidiaris came out and said he supports us and we thanked him”

He then attacked the other parties as well. Vassilis Stigas even spoke of “a social, peaceful revolution”

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