Dabrauskas said what the world needed to hear

Dabrauskas said what the world needed to hear
Dabrauskas said what the world needed to hear

After Dabrauskas’ head was requested “on a board” and mounted on the wall, it was time for self-criticism and brave admission of mistakes. Brave because coaching is a profession overflowing with ego and self-criticism is an act of strength and character.

OFI’s coach did not go into the process of making everyone else wrong and protecting himself and his “beliefs”. He knows that it is a difficult situation, with the world distressed to the point of alienation, and he chose the path of truth. We wrote it yesterday, the difficult task of the Lithuanian is not to change the competitive image of OFI, but to win and “warm” the world again.

“I have to improve, analyze better, understand better. At the moment I have not found the solution”he told reporters yesterday without hiding behind his finger and his words were exactly what the organization was asking for at the given time.

Neither excuses nor embellishment of the situation. The truth, with the mistakes and the right, with the wrong and the upside down, a clear impression of a period where OFI is not having its best days.

Dabrauskas went to the side of the world, he did not oppose it. Conscious and honest, I said what I had to and what the fans wanted to hear.

Obviously the problems are not solved, actions and results are needed, the Lithuanian is still in a difficult position and is called upon to reverse the climate, but at least he showed empathy. And this is a first step to “unlock” the team and build the self-confidence needed to “build” the streak of positive results. Everyone knows well that the… honeymoon is over.

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