“Fire” on Twitter after Katerina Kainourgiou’s outburst about Fai Skordas

“Fire” on Twitter after Katerina Kainourgiou’s outburst about Fai Skordas
“Fire” on Twitter after Katerina Kainourgiou’s outburst about Fai Skordas

It was after the unprecedented outburst by Katerina Kainourgiou on the show “Super Katerina” for Fay Skordas and the show “Fay’s Time” that the keyboards caught fire with users taking a stand for what happened live on the air.

It all started when Fai Skorda reported that Andreas Mikroutsikos did not receive the necessary support from Katerina Kainourgiou’s show, when they showed “Super Katerina” the statements of the trapper Light, in which he did not speak with positive comments about the presenter.

“This is becoming an issue. This confrontation has been the subject of other times. Isn’t it in the nature of the show (s.s. Super Katerina) that the confrontation between Mikroutsikos and any Light is part of the theme?”, initially stated Fai Skordas.

“Obviously, they are doing well because they are doing well in terms of numbers. They have this specific subject matter that becomes person-centered, with their own controversies… This is the nature of the show, they do well, no one will judge it, the world judges and in the end they see or don’t see something. It’s just that the particular moment, the particular words from the particular person were too much, it was like there was a line, they crossed the line. It’s not just TV, then there is a respect for a person. It’s not to put everything in the same bag just for this one,” continued Fai Skorda.

“It’s not just the TV, then there’s a person sitting there in the company. Maybe there should be a filter there. No one can be the editor-in-chief of a show, because the people choose. But this particular moment, humanly, professionally and out of respect alone and age has nothing to do with it, is not nice. It’s insulting because you host a person who curses you”, concluded Fai Skorda.

Incredible outburst from Katerina Kainourgiou

Katerina Kainourgiou did not leave unanswered the comments of Fais Skordas about how the show manages the “controversy” between Andreas Mikroutsikou and Light. However, the presenter did not just position herself on the subject, but went on an unprecedented and aggressive outburst.

“At this moment, I and the show and my partners above are affected. You have not understood anything! She turned around and said Fai Scordas along with her colleagues, that the show and the presenter are humiliating you. Is the show humiliating you? Faye said it,” noted Katerina Kainourgiou initially.

“Cut only Garlic. Does not matter. We are doing a promo for them, 5% is doing, we will raise it a bit today. It annoys some TV shows when they see people working together for years.. It annoys some shows when me and my team have started from scratch, without anyone’s backs, and have made it through hard work. Without any marriage, without any strange partnership, without any humiliation. Play what Skorda says, it doesn’t matter, she will do one more unit today,” continued Katerina Kainourgiou.

After the commercials, Katerina Kainourgiou returned a little calmer than the intensity of the previous moments. “Sorry you saw me a little upset like that, there was no reason. I am myself, and I will apologize and I will cry and I will vent. Simply because I have worked very hard, I do not accept such accusations about myself and my partners.

Because there are people in this job who started from scratch, reporters on the street, mocking them and saying ‘come on baby, the New Year will pass us by’… Because some things came easier in their lives, for better or for worse, I have learned in my life to respect I can’t understand all that they attack a show that is doing well and a presenter who bothers them because she exists”, noted Katerina Kainourgiou.

Twitter keyboards caught fire

From the moment Katerina Kainourgiou spoke with negative comments about Fai Skordas and her show, the hashtag “Super Katerina” climbed to the top of Twitter.

There were dozens of reactions against Katerina Kainourgiou for the way she spoke. The comments were quite sharp for Katerina Kainourgiou and the majority supported Fai Skordas for her morals and dignity.

Katerina Kainourgiou: “Since I was a child, my parents taught me to respect”

After the end of the show, Katerina Kainourgiou made a post on her personal account on Instagram, in which she tried to explain the reasons for her reaction. However, Twitter was not convinced and continued to comment negatively on what the presenter said.

“In my life I have learned to tell the truth! Both in front of and behind the cameras. That’s why some of you have loved me (others have hated) and to others I may be indifferent. Anyway, I will always tell the truth. Say what you will about me (I’ve heard countless over the years). But, I will never again accept anyone insulting and belittling my colleagues or my team. Since I was a child, my parents taught me to respect, first of all, myself and then everyone else. Thank you for your messages,” wrote Katerina Kainourgiou.

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