Katia Nikolaidou: Her last post – “I fell and got up countless times”

Katia Nikolaidou: Her last post – “I fell and got up countless times”
Katia Nikolaidou: Her last post – “I fell and got up countless times”

At the age of just 58, Katia Nikolaidou passed away defeated by cancer on Wednesday (08/11), with the news of their death spreading sadness in the artistic world and not only.

In 2023, Katia Nikolaidou stayed away from social media, while her last post on Instagram took place in December 2022, New Year’s Eve. Then Katia Nikolaidou, wanting to say goodbye in 2022, made her own assessment, emphasizing the difficulties she faced.

“’22 was the year that gave me the most pain. I lost my Love my Stability my Support. I lost people I considered an integral part of me. I fell and got up countless times, winking at the impossible! At some point I felt the need to paint. I took canvas and brushes and started without knowing what I was doing! My hand went by itself…. This is how I made the tree of Life! Of my own life!

Where no matter what happens, it will bloom golden-red and bright! By choice! My wish for the New Year is to never give up!!!!!Make the Impossible Doable!!!!!May our tree bloom and bloom and bloom!!!!Joy lurks somewhere nearby! !!! Happy New Year!!!! I love you!!!!”Katia Nikolaidou had written.

The latest post on Instagram

The “goodbye” from her brother

Her brother bids her farewell with a shocking post:

“My love… my sister.. my blood… my fighter!!! Today of the angels… you chose the day my girl to travel to eternity!!!

Today another angel will be in heaven…my angel!!!

The curtain has fallen my love… but the lights will stay on… like your life that was full of light… My angel my sister I will not put a black background… stark white like your whole life was

I love you to infinity!!!!!

Rest my sister rest my girl my fighter !!! You won’t leave my mind for a minute until it’s time to meet again!!!

I love you my angel!!!”

What he has said about the “battle” with cancer

During the filming of the series “I’ll see you on the ship”, where she received a leading role, Katia spoke for the first time publicly about the battle with cancer, in 2001. Katia experienced a miracle, she overcame her very difficult health problem and continued her brilliant career in the theater as well as on television with roles in landmark series such as Panos Kokkinopoulos’ “The 10th Commandment” and remained an active actress, making sure to spend enough time traveling, especially in America, where many of her friends lived.

She beat cancer thanks to her optimism

“I was never scared in this story. I said whatever God wants will decide, but I wanted to live. I said I will fight it with all my strength. I believe a lot in God, but I also believe a lot in myself. I helped it, pushed it there. I wanted to be here today, you understand? That’s not to say that some people didn’t want it, but that sometimes it all gets you down. I was one of the lucky people who was able to fight it. Other times you are not given this opportunity”, he had characteristically said.

While she had emphasized the following with her optimism and potential: “There comes a day when cancer knocks on your door… It was difficult! I had a great will! I felt like I was going to make it, I said I’m going to live, I’m not dying of it! It was in the lymph nodes, it had spread to the neck and head… It was in the last stage. I didn’t want to hide, I came out and said it. I was walking around bald”!

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