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The bad weather hits twice: The mercury is in free fall, the rains will not be spared… not even Attica | News

The bad weather hits twice: The mercury is in free fall, the rains will not be spared… not even Attica | News
The bad weather hits twice: The mercury is in free fall, the rains will not be spared… not even Attica | News

The meteorologists are talking about a noticeable change in the temperature from the dawn of Thursday: When does the cold start, two bad weathers in the next 24 hours!

Two consecutive bad weathers are going to “finally” bring autumn to our country, with the meteo warning of a “plunge” in the mercury today – even 8 degrees in the region of Attica, Central Greece and the Peloponnese.

The maximum temperature values ​​are not expected to exceed 17-19 degrees in the northern continents and the North Aegean, 20-22 in the rest of the continents (with the exception of the southern Peloponnese where it will reach 24-25 °C in places), the 19-21 in the Ionian and 22-24 in the islands of the Central and South Aegean and in Crete.

As can be seen, in parts of Central Macedonia, Thessaly, Eastern Sterea and Eastern Peloponnese the drop is expected to exceed 8 °C.

For today, Thursday, we expect some rain in Central Greece, Evia, Thessaly, eastern and in places central Macedonia and Thrace. These phenomena, however, will not cause problems. The most difficult day of the week will be the Saturdaywhere a new severe weather type P is coming, bringing rains all over Greece, according to Giorgos Tsatraphyllias, while as reported yesterday by Panagiotis Giannopoulos not even… Attica is spared. From Mondayin fact, a new bad weather will hit our country.

The EMY forecast for today: Where will it rain?

In Sterea, Evia, Thessaly, eastern and in places central Macedonia, Thrace and the islands of the north-eastern Aegean, increased clouds are forecast with local rains and isolated storms and rapid improvement.

In the rest of the areas few clouds temporarily increased with the possibility of weak local rains.

Winds will blow to the south from west directions 3 to 5 Beaufort and to the north from north directions 3 to 5 and temporarily until midday hours on the seas locally up to 6 Beaufort.

The temperature will drop and reach 17 to 20 in the north, 22 to 24 in the rest of the country and locally in Crete and the Dodecanese 25 degrees Celsius.

Two bad weather ahead: When will the cold weather come?

In his post on Facebook, Giorgos Tsatrafillias, he too warned of a significant drop in temperature on Thursday.

“After the temporary change in the weather in the next few hours that will affect western and northern Greece with rain and local storms, we are facing two autumnal bad weather. The one which will again be type “P” starts on Friday at noon and from the west and affects Saturday as well with rains and storms in the west in northern Greece and in the eastern and northern Aegean, dust and stormy southerlies. The second bad weather concerns the two days Monday-Tuesday and affects several areas. Also, as far as the cold weather is concerned, they seem to be coming from 11/16 onwards”.

Autumn is finally here

“Air masses from the Atlantic are finally bringing autumn,” Sakis Arnautoglou said on Wednesday.

Based on his forecast, on Thursday (9/11) scattered showers and local storms are expected in Attica, Corinth and Arcadia and Halkidiki, while storms will appear in the islands of the northern Aegean.

By the evening the phenomena will have receded, while on Friday (10/11) rains will appear in the west and by the evening they may reach Attica.

Thus, on Saturday (11/11) the weather will be unsettled in many areas, but by noon and in the afternoon it will clear. The exception is western Greece and the Aegean islands in the east.

The weather will be clear on Sunday (12/11), but the evening will become more rainy and on Monday (13/11) a barometric low is expected, which will bring heavy rains and storms.

In fact, winds up to 6-7 Beaufort are expected.

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