Popular streamer xQc has revealed the staggering amount he has gambled in total


Well-known streamer Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel has publicly revealed the impressive and at the same time terrifying amount he has spent gambling on the Stake platform. Overall, this number it has now surpassed $2.6 billion. Yes, billions.

Over the last few years, xQc’s live streams have gradually become more and more extravagant, with the amounts he bets having now multiplied compared to previous years. In particular, the Canadian streamer, known for his previous professional career in Overwatch, has significantly increased the amounts, starting with just $40 spins. Now, each xQc spin is worth up to $50,000!

These figures came to light during one of his recent broadcasts, where his stats page went live, revealing his staggering betting total. Yes, this set it has increased by about $1.1 billion since the end of September. This uptick in gambling activity has caused concern among his fans, especially after the streamer revealed that it lost $15 million in November alone.

At the same time, there are strong doubts about the origin of the funds used for gambling. xQc tried to put an end to the “fake money” rumors by detailing its contracts with various gambling entities. In that context he confirmed that he is bound by two separate contracts, one with Kick and one with Stake, which, when combined, are potentially worth up to $275 million. These details emerged after streamer NICKMERCS joined Kick and revealed his intention to participate in gaming streams on the platform, prompting xQc to clarify the nature of his deals.

At this point an important warning about the harsh realities of gambling is in order. While xQc streams can be fun for many, this form of entertainment carries significant risks and can lead to addiction and serious financial consequences. It is important for viewers to be aware that streamers’ gambling experiences may well not be typical and often include promotional offers that may provide them with funds not available to the average person. Viewers should not be swayed by the illusion of easy riches and should approach gambling with extreme caution, fully recognizing its potential risks. It is important to engage in these activities responsibly, if you wish, and to recognize when to seek professional help if gambling becomes more than an occasional activity.

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