I apologize to the families of the victims in Tempe

I apologize to the families of the victims in Tempe
I apologize to the families of the victims in Tempe

Adonis Georgiadis clarified yesterday’s statements regarding the train accident in Tempi to Realfm 97.8 and Nikos Hatzinikolaou’s show.

The Minister of Labor and Social Security apologized to the victims’ relatives and as he said “I had no intention of offending them.” Mr. Georgiadis added that “obviously all the Greek people were shocked by this accident, all the Greek people mourn and we all ached for the children who were lost. And I can’t believe that anyone can think that I or anyone else doesn’t hurt, doesn’t mourn for all the victims.”

Adonis Georgiadis he argued that “in the issue of Tempe, of course, we are interested in the whole dimension and the issue of responsibilities is being investigated by the Court. When a party requests a Pre-Inquiry Committee, it considers that there are criminal responsibilities for political figures. But that’s for someone to say the Court must first establish the criminal responsibilities of political figures and Parliament has the floor. That’s what the Constitution says. When the parties disagree with each other on whether it should be a Pre-Investigation or an Investigation – because that’s what I set up – does this mean authentic sensitivity for victims? This in my opinion it is not respect for the dead, to the victims and their families the political bickering of the parties. That’s what I did yesterday.”

He emphasized that “certainly and plenty of light must be shed regarding the responsibilities. In each case what is written by the trolls of SYRIZA, that I said that no one is interested in Tempi, I didn’t say that.” He said that for the relatives of the victims and those who have a sensitivity and were disturbed, it should be “my long experience in the media has taught me for distortion which would follow. I was wrong there.”

“On the human scale – regarding the victims, their relatives and families – neither I nor anyone else would say that we don’t care about the accident. As for my political opponents and how they will win politically, people don’t care. If the investigation is done to prevent such a tragedy in the future they are absolutely right. But if the investigation is just to create opposition, I will insist that this is not of interest to the people. This is not the place to make a cheap opposition to such human tragedies.” added Adonis Georgiadis.

He emphasized that “his statement was a bad moment in terms of communication. However, if such an issue becomes the subject of a partisan debate, it will not contribute to shedding light, but to the “gray” remaining.

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