Katia Nikolaidou: Her last post on Instagram

Katia Nikolaidou: Her last post on Instagram
Katia Nikolaidou: Her last post on Instagram

Defeated by cancer, the beloved actress Katia Nikolaidou, who had been hospitalized for the last time, passed away on Wednesday (8.11.2023) at the age of 58.

Katia Nikolaidou has been out of the public eye in recent months, while her last post on Instagram was made last year on New Year’s Eve, when wanting to say goodbye to the year that ended, the actress made her own account, highlighting the difficulties she faced.

Katia Nikolaidou wrote on Instagram 11 months before she passed away: “2022 was the year that gave me the most pain. I lost my Love my Stability my Support. I lost people I considered an integral part of me.

I fell and got up countless times, winking at the impossible! At some point I felt the need to paint. I took canvas and brushes and started without knowing what I was doing! My hand went by itself…. And that’s how I made the tree of life! Of my own life! Where no matter what happens, it will bloom golden-red and bright. By choice! My wish for the new year is to never give up!!!!!

Let’s make the Impossible Possible!!!!! May our tree bloom and bloom and bloom!!!! Joy is waiting somewhere nearby!!!! Happy New Year!!!! I love you.”

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