Friends must also tell hard truths

Friends must also tell hard truths
Friends must also tell hard truths

Clear message to Israel the prime minister sends Kyriakos Mitsotakisas Europe worries about the humanitarian catastrophe in Palestinewhile the UN speaks of crimes war.

“While we recognize that Israel has the right to Self-defense, how he exercises that right matters and matters a lot,” said Mr. Mitsotakis on his Power Play podcast POLITICO.

“As Israel continues with this very, very aggressive military operation, yes, there will be growing concern about the proportionality of the Israeli response,” noted Mr. Mitsotakis.

“I speak as a friend of Israel. And I think sometimes friends have to tell hard truths to friends,” he added.

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The Prime Minister emphasized that without undermining the strategic goal of victory over Hamas it is important to think about the next day and how it will be political solution in the controversy.

“At the end of the day, one has to recognize what the price is to pay to defeat Hamas,” he noted.

Mr. Mitsotakis also referred to migratory. Argued that Greece applies a “tough but fair” immigration policy, which has succeeded in reducing irregular flows from the Turkish coast. He also defended Greece’s right to protect its maritime borders and underlined the need for continued financial support from the EU, amid international criticism of Greek authorities’ push back of migrants and refugees at sea.

“We get big European aidbut it is important that this flow of European aid does not dry up in the coming years”, he stressed.

Mr. Mitsotakis also expressed his intention to improve Greece’s relations with Turkey. He noted that there has been a “change in tone” in recent months. And he expressed the hope that the two countries can cooperate.

“I have always openly argued that Turkey should be financially supported by the EU as it currently hosts millions of Syrian refugees. There are certain win-win issues where we can cooperate”, Mr. Mitsotakis also mentioned.

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