On Saturday, the final headlines for “all SYRIZA” – The Umbrella leaves, the leadership group “threatens”, SOS Dragasaki

On Saturday, the final headlines for “all SYRIZA” – The Umbrella leaves, the leadership group “threatens”, SOS Dragasaki
On Saturday, the final headlines for “all SYRIZA” – The Umbrella leaves, the leadership group “threatens”, SOS Dragasaki

By Niki Zorba

It is prescribed the withdrawal of Umbrella from SYRIZA announced by Euclid Tsakalotos on Monday from the event at “Trianon” and sealed yesterday with a long and detailed article by Giorgos Stathakis, completely discrediting Stefanos Kasselakis and his leadership team.

The question now is if the Umbrella will arrive by the second day of the Central Committee on Sunday, with the information and estimates advocating an episodic withdrawal, as early as Saturday. The meetings of the Group are continuous and will continue until the meeting of the EC. In any case, no one from the Umbrella leaves even a sliver of possibility that the prescribed course of its exit from SYRIZA will be stopped.

It is not, moreover, a painless decision made in the heat of the moment. As revealed by the Capital since October , the split and the plan to create a new party in view of the European elections, has been taken for weeks. The cancellations of the four were the icing on the cake and not the fuel per se that brought Euclid Tsakalotos to the departure hall.

Moreover, from Monday’s event, he raised as the main political issue, the complete lack of willingness for a political discussion by the majority, citing the meeting of the Political Secretariat where, while political issues were raised from the side of the minority (not only from the Umbrella) and criticized, no one from the presidential side responded to the debate.

The empty space that exists to be represented by a new entity, according to Euclid Tsakalotos, it is to the right of the KKE and to the left of PASOK.

At this stage, however, the discussion on the formation of the new political body is early. The first steps in the post-SYRIZA era of Tassi will probably start from a dialogue forum.

This is one too clever way on Umbrella’s part to keep the door open to other dissenters on the way to the European elections. Umbrella is clearly betting that after its own departure, the pulling off of the sweater from SYRIZA, will not stop there, but over time, other executives and members of its parliament will also leave.

She looks at him to the “Ahtsioglou team” (the 6+6). They are meeting for the second time in a few days, probably this afternoon, ahead of the weekend’s pivotal JC.

The Ahtsioglou Team (Haritsis, Iliopoulos, Tzanakopoulos) very he will hardly decide to change his attitude (waiting) and make a move in this Central Committee, however, members of , given the climate, cannot rule anything out.

Dragasakis broadcasts an SOS – The Poles are threatening

Such is the polarization and toxicity within SYRIZA in the last few hours that Yannis Dragasakis yesterday, with his letter to the new president, the secretaries, the presidential candidates during the internal party election and also to Alexis Tsipras, it sends an SOS for the dissolution of the party, requesting that a state of emergency be declared and that the deletions be withdrawn.

The leading Group (the Polaki Group in fact) is escalating its threats for the persecution of Umbrella in this Central Committee insisting that the deletions of the four that formally cannot pass through this KE, as has been repeatedly pointed out, since the work of the Ethics Committee has not been completed, proceed.

Due to the “political condemnation” of the four and continuous scenarios of how the deletions can proceed here and now, with many of them bordering on the graphic, the Poles are looking for the deletions to be ratified.

Stefanos Kasselakis was absent in Brussels for a series of meetings and despite the “information” circulating about his intentions, he has not yet opened his papers on what he intends to do.

However, according to information, in his meeting with the MEPs of SYRIZA, he had an argument with D. Papadimoulis, indicative of the climate. Mr. Papadimoulis, referring to the deletions and the prevailing climate, asked him to withdraw the deletions, with the president responding how they have unleashed heavy characterizations, they have not retracted, what should we discuss now?

In this protest, a decision of the SYRIZA Youth appeared by which Elena Akrita, Nina Kasimati and Evangelos Apostolakis are referred to the Ethics Committee for vicarious and unethical behavior.

The article is in Greek

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