Volos: The 33-year-old man who drove his motorcycle and killed the 4-month-old baby is free

Volos: The 33-year-old man who drove his motorcycle and killed the 4-month-old baby is free
Volos: The 33-year-old man who drove his motorcycle and killed the 4-month-old baby is free

The decision, according to gegonota.news, was received with tears by the relatives of the 33-year-old, while he also fell crying into his sister’s arms as soon as he was informed by his lawyer. The 33-year-old, as pointed out by his defense attorney Nikos Papapetros, he did not accept the charge of dangerous driving, arguing that he was not driving dangerously and the only maneuver made on his part was to avoid the 54-year-old with the infant. He also claimed that the 54-year-old moved in the middle of the road and outside the crosswalk.

Scenes of ancient tragedy at the funeral of the 4-month-old baby – The teddy bears and the heartbreak of the parents

Mute pain and mourning spread over the city of Volos to the last goodbye of the 4-month-old angel who passed away so prematurely and so tragically in front of parents and grandparents. Relatives and friends of the family attended at the baby’s funeral at the “Koukos” Intermunicipal Cemetery wanting to support the bereaved parents.

Teddy bears and parental heartbreak

The unfortunate little angel had not had time to be baptized because of this and the funeral was performed with a different ritual. According to Newspaper.gr, a wish was read over the baby’s grave. In the small white coffin next to the baby were his two favorite teddy bears while her parents also left a teddy heart.

It is recalled that the autopsy showed that the unfortunate infant suffered severe head injuries. Chrysavgi Koussi, the medical examiner who examined the body of the 4-month-old infant, spoke of a severe head injury, “compatible with a fall from a height and impact of the head on the road surface. The infant had only one mark on his face,” Ms. Koussi noted.

What the 33-year-old’s lawyer reveals

The 33-year-old man did not maneuver, he was moving within the speed limit, and the grandfather suddenly went out of the crosswalk on the roadway, stopped short and did not react. The driver of the motorcycle honked but the grandfather did not move” says to ERT the lawyer of the motorcycle driver, Nikos Papapetros, who ran over and fatally injured a four-month-old baby, in Volos.

“The basic offense, that is, dangerous driving, the claim is that it does not stand as an offense because it is not objectively substantiated. It is a simple traffic violation which of course led to death. It was also possibly manslaughter. This offense requires specific elements, it requires dangerous maneuvers, which maneuvers in this case do not exist” explained Mr. Papapetros

Toxicology tests have not come out even when the 33-year-old was tested for alcohol, his lawyer says that “there are wide discrepancies” and that even these tests “are not a reliable source”.

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