Volos: What will the 33-year-old driver who hit and killed the infant claim to the investigator

Volos: What will the 33-year-old driver who hit and killed the infant claim to the investigator
Volos: What will the 33-year-old driver who hit and killed the infant claim to the investigator

Outside the investigator’s office, with a broken arm, waiting to apologize by filing a statement, is the 33-year-old driver of the motorcycle, who ran over a 54-year-old on Iasonos Street in Volos, killing the infant he was holding in his arms.

The 33-year-old arrived at the courts of Volos and entered through the back door, while wearing a mask and with a broken arm, which was tied with a bandage.

The man remains in detention at the Volos police station, while, according to information, he himself is in a state of shock, he is devastated and does not speak at all, while he seems to have no perception of what is happening around him.

“The driver of the motorcycle honked but the grandfather did not react”

The 33-year-old, according to his lawyer Nikos Papapetros, does not accept the charge of dangerous driving and maintains that he was not driving dangerously, while he claims that the only maneuver made on his part was to avoid the 54-year-old with the infant.

He, in fact, is expected to argue that the 54-year-old grandfather of the infant moved in the middle of the road and out of the crosswalk.

“The 33-year-old man did not maneuver, he was moving within the speed limit and the grandfather suddenly went out of the crossing on the roadway, stopped short and did not react. The driver of the motorcycle honked but the grandfather did not move,” the lawyer of the motorcycle driver, Nikos Papapetros, told ERT.

“The basic offense, that is, dangerous driving, the claim is that it does not stand as an offense because it is not objectively substantiated. It is a simple traffic violation which of course led to death. It was probably manslaughter. This offense requires specific elements, it requires dangerous maneuvers, which maneuvers in this case do not exist,” explained Mr. Papapetros.

Toxicology tests have not come out even when the 33-year-old was tested for alcohol, his lawyer says that “there are wide discrepancies” and that even these tests “are not a reliable source”.

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The cameras will “talk”.

It is noted that the investigator will also examine the footage from the cameras collected by the police from all businesses located along the road where the fatal drift of the grandfather holding the infant in his arms occurred, in order to check the motorcyclist’s driving behavior.

The images from the terrifying car accident are incredible and “take your breath away”.

What did he say to the Prosecutor?

On Sunday, the 33-year-old was taken to the Public Prosecutor where he explained only that he suddenly saw the 54-year-old grandfather of the infant in front of him and braked. However, no signs of the machine’s wheels were found on the asphalt at the scene of the accident that would indicate such a thing.

Until yesterday, the results of the breathalyzer test to which the 33-year-old had been submitted had not been submitted to the prosecution authorities of Volos, which is expected to happen today unexpectedly.

At the same time, today it is expected that the video material from the store cameras at the point where the tragic accident was recorded, as well as all the businesses on Iasonos Street, from its entrance to the fatal intersection, will be submitted to the investigator and the prosecutor’s office, in order to check the driving behavior of the 33-year-old and before the traffic accident.

The chronicle of the tragedy

It all started at 22:30 in the center of Volos, specifically at the intersection of Iasonos and Antonopoulos streets, when a motorcycle ran over an elderly man, who was trying to cross the street while holding the infant in his arms.

While the grandfather was crossing the road, the driver of the machine made dangerous maneuvers as a result of which he hit the grandfather who was holding his grandson in his arms. The infant fell to the curb, hit and died instantly.

There was panic at the scene. The infant’s grandmother grabbed the child from the street and immediately got into a taxi whose driver had stopped to see what happened.

The taxi driver notified EKAV to pick up the injured and in “zero” time he arrived at the Hospital, with the baby and his grandmother.

Passers-by tried to provide first aid, while an EKAB ambulance was immediately called. The baby had died before the ambulance could take him to the Volos hospital. The grandfather was taken to “Achillopoulio” having been slightly injured.

As far as the driver of the motorcycle is concerned, he is charged with a felony for dangerous driving and manslaughter and was arrested by the Volos Traffic Police.

He is also being treated at “Achillopoulio” guarded by police officers.

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