Korkonea trial: Chase in the corridors of Arei Pagos


Unbelievable things are still happening at the Areopagus, in the trial to overturn the leniency granted to the former special guard, Epaminonda Korkoneawho has been out of prison since last April.

Immediately after the postponement of the trial, for January 9, 2024, and while the advocates Nikos Konstantopoulos and Zoe Konstantopoulou denounced a strategy by the President of the court, Mr. Katsimagli, “to secure a two-month freedom for Korkoneas”, as they said, something unexpected happened:

Someone was thrown from the audiencewho was sitting on the Korkoneas side and while the process was in progress, shouted at Zoi Konstantopoulou that she is working with privilege in the court, at the expense of her other colleagues, because she is a member of parliament.

Zoe Konstantopoulou asked to be informed in which case he is a lawyer and while he did not answer and tried to move away.

– Is he a police officer of someone’s guard? Mrs. Konstantopoulou was shouting in the courtroom, but she did not get an answer.

The stranger, whose appearance and clothes alone did not suggest a lawyer, hastened to disappear.

And then began an unexpected… chased down the corridors of the Supreme Courtwith the Zoe Konstantopoulou to ask the police to arrest him, because he is suing him, while o Nikos Constantopoulos was shouting:


The unknown man, who refused to show a lawyer’s ID and did not say his name, was running in front, while he was supported by the advocate Korkoneas. Zoi Konstantopoulou was chasing him from behind, shouting at the police “catch him, he’s running away”. I want to sue him. And last and sweating were the police officers.

– Who you are; I want his information, shouted Zoi Konstantopoulou.

– You’re a fool of Korkoneas. Who you are; Nikos Konstantopoulos was also shouting.

– I don’t give anything, answered the stranger.

The chase lasted about 20 minutes, while at some point the police officers of the Supreme Court caught him and held him on the stairs.

– Do you take him up the stairs so he can get away? Do you want to run away from him? Zoi Konstantopoulou was shouting.

– We can’t help it. Under our responsibility, reassured the guard in charge.

– He will not give any information, it is personal information, counsel Korkoneas reassured.

– He will destroy me, the stranger said over and over again to the policemen who were holding him.

A little earlier, the President of the 6th Criminal Department, Arepagitis, Ms. Katsimaglis, while she had stated that a decision would be issued today, when the court returned to the seat, after the break, she suddenly declared that… she intends to make a statement of abstention, for what were heard against her by attorneys Nikos and Zoi Konstantopoulou, without however declaring it in writing, as is required by law.

Her words provoked a new, stronger storm of reactions from the defense attorneys for the prosecution, Nikos and Zoe Konstantopoulou, who broke out shouting for rigging, as by law the trial must be postponed for at least two months.

Konstantopoulou: Do you verbally announce a request for abstinence, that is, are you planning to postpone the case for the benefit of the accused, who will remain free for another two months? It’s shameful what you’re doing. Do you continue to preside while you have abstained, serving the accused, who will be out of jail for another two months? Where is the President supposed to state that she intends to abstain?

Constantopoulos: After 50 years of being a lawyer, I learn things that I would call stupid. The Procedure provides a guarantee for the protection of the citizen from arbitrary acts. The declaration of abstention is not a pretext of the moment, which undermines the principle of fair trial, with the judge applying the Procedure according to his personal will. Unprecedented things are happening at the Supreme Court, in a case that has caused enormous history.

Konstantopoulou: We ended up with a pretense declaration of abstinence, in order to ensure the stay out of prison, of the man convicted of homicide. If you had declared abstention, we should have been informed in writing…

Chairman: Do you want to be tried by a President, who is rigged and biased?

The court adjourned again.

When the court returned, President Mrs. Katsimagli announced the postponement of the case until January 9, 2024, saying that she would submit a statement of abstention.

The advocates erupted again, saying that it is possible for him to announce abstention, since he has declared abstention.

The president never responded and continued to state the next case.

Konstantopoulou: Shame on you. If you had abstained, you would have stepped down from the seat. You, Mr. Katsimagli, are the moral perpetrator of the next murder of a child by a police officer!

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