Work jungle: He was beaten and blackmailed after being fired

Work jungle: He was beaten and blackmailed after being fired
Work jungle: He was beaten and blackmailed after being fired

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A terrifying case is revealed in Thessaloniki with a victim of a 54-year-old employee, who lived the ultimate work nightmare.

Another unimaginable incident of employer violence and arbitrariness has come to light, with the police authorities of Thessaloniki investigating a case involving a 54-year-old dismissed employee.

The incident occurred in December 2022 with the employee being the victim of violence, robbery and extortion in order to sign his dismissal under the conditions set by the company he worked for.

According to the police in the case, a case file was filed against five people, aged 45, 31, 53, 47 and 36 years old, for, as the case may be, the offenses of extortion, complicity in extortion, illegal violence, aiding and abetting illegal violence together , robbery and insult.

The 54-year-old who was working at a beauty services company when he was informed by the 31-year-old owner of his dismissal. Due to disagreements over the financial terms of his contract, the worker was assaulted and threatened by her 45-year-old husband, who then physically took away a sum of money, vehicle keys and various personal items in his possession.

Subsequently, a 53-year-old man allegedly took the 54-year-old victim to his home in order to give him what the perpetrators wanted, while after their return to the company, with the help of other accomplices, they forced him to sign his dismissal with favorable terms to the company.

The file will be submitted to the competent Prosecutor.

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