“Oh my God, luckily it’s just a date”: Jill Biden’s reaction when she first met the American president

“Oh my God, luckily it’s just a date”: Jill Biden’s reaction when she first met the American president
“Oh my God, luckily it’s just a date”: Jill Biden’s reaction when she first met the American president

It has been 48 years since US President Joe Biden met his wife Jill. And yet, as the First Lady of the USA reveals, when they first met she didn’t like her future husband at all.

Speaking at an event at the Lotos Club on the Upper East Side, Jill Biden referred to first meeting her husband in 1975. “It was the 70s. It was Vietnam, the colorful beaded necklaces, equal rights. My hair was long – waist length – like most of the men I dated. Do you remember what we wore back then? Clogs, bell bottoms and tie dyes.”

Jill’s first date with Joe Biden

“And so suddenly one day, I was asked out and that night a handsome young senator showed up at my door. I took one look at his perfect suit and leather loafers and thought, ‘Thank God, it’s only a date!'” Jill Biden said, adding? “Well, that one date turned into a marriage proposal. And to be perfectly honest, it was five sentences, because that wasn’t part of my plan.”

She also spoke of her hesitation because, she said, it hadn’t been long since Joe Biden was widowed when his wife and young daughter were killed in a car accident, leaving the then-senator alone with two sons. At the same time, as she said: “After everything that Bo and Hunter had been through, I knew that if I said yes to Joe, it would have to be forever. But, in the end, I realized that my love for Joe and the boys outweighed any fears I had, and I said yes. And here we are 46 years later.”

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Joe Biden had to propose to Jill five times – How she said yes [βίντεο]

Joe Biden’s five marriage proposals

For his part, US President Joe Biden previously said of the first meeting with his future wife: “My brother set us up on a blind date, and when I went out with her that first time, I knew she would she was my wife, I really knew it.’

As for the five marriage proposals, he had talked about them last year on Drew Barrymore’s show. “I had to ask her five times, and the fifth time I was in South Africa, trying to see Nelson Mandela.” When he returned to the United States and saw Jill again, he told the show how he proposed to her: “I told her, ‘I’m asking you one more time to marry me. You don’t have to say when, but if. If you say no, and I’ll figure it out again.” So I looked at her and said “Will you marry me?” and she said “okay”. I swear to God.”

Jill, who was previously married for five years from 1970 to 1975, has written in Time magazine about Biden’s five proposals: “After the disappointment of my divorce, I never wanted to feel so out of control again. my heart. But during the months that Joe and I were dating, that desire collided with a new reality: I was falling in love.”

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