War on Israel: Emily Hunt’s father’s appeal to Hamas

War on Israel: Emily Hunt’s father’s appeal to Hamas
War on Israel: Emily Hunt’s father’s appeal to Hamas

Although Emily Hunt was among the victims of the October 7 attack on Kibbutz Beeri by Hamas, she is now believed to be alive and among the hostages taken by the militant group in the October 7 attack.

After this news her father appeals to the abductors to release all the children. Speaking on Virgin Media News’ The Group Chat, Mr Hardt appealed to those who may have his daughter: ‘I am begging you on my knees to release the children, including Emily. At least the children… For God’s sake, show some humanity, some pity, some human feelings of any kind, please.”

“Now I have hope that she is alive”

After initially telling CNN that there was some relief at the reports that Emily was dead – because he feared a fate worse than death for her – Mr Hardt said the new information was hard to accept. “At first, when they told me she was probably dead, it was kind of a relief. But now I have to change my mind with this new information and now I have hope, now I have hope that she is alive, so we pray that she will come back.”

Emily’s father’s hope and his appeal to the fighters

He said that Emily’s ninth birthday is on November 17th. “We just want her back,” he added. “It’s great to know that there’s a chance she’s alive and well and that one day we’ll get her back and I’ll be able to hold her.”

Emily’s half-sister Natalie said the family had found hope again. He told RTÉ radio: “We have been informed by the military and other authorities that she has been abducted and is alive. We don’t know the exact details, but we know he’s been kidnapped.”

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