The “final attack” by the IDF on Hamas – The dead in Gaza exceeded 10,000

The “final attack” by the IDF on Hamas – The dead in Gaza exceeded 10,000
The “final attack” by the IDF on Hamas – The dead in Gaza exceeded 10,000

The Israel Defense Forces continued to pound relentlessly through the night into the besieged enclave, inching closer and closer to the center of Gaza with each passing hour.

It’s almost time to invade the tunnels

The aim of the Israeli army to start the next stage of the military operation, despite the urging of the American president Joe Biden for “regular pauses”. This stage has a two-fold objective: First, limiting and destroying the Hamas tunnels within the residential fabric of Gaza and secondly, the “occupation” of the city to its centerin order to capture the Hamas command post, which, according to the IDF, is located below Al Shifa Hospital.

The operation was actually confirmed by retired IDF general, Yora Islandsaying that Israel should go ahead with this operation, even at the cost of thousands of dead civilians!

“Is unavoidable the conducting business of Israeli army in its facilities Al Shifa Hospitalunder which there is Hamas operations center and labyrinthine tunnels used as a base by militants of the Palestinian Islamist organization,” was the wording of former head of Israel’s National Security Councilcausing sensation.

In the interview he gave to channel 12 television network, The major general expressed the opinion like the US I will they supported such an enterprise of the Israeli army even if it cost the lives of thousands of civilians.

On the occasion of CIA chief Bill Burns’ visit to Israel today, Eiland said: “I hope they explain it to him. And if there is a will to take military action at (hospital) Al Shifa, which I see as inevitable, I hope the head of the CIA receives an explanation as to why it is necessary and why the U.S. should ultimately support such an operation, even if there are subsequently thousands of dead bodies of civilians in the streets”.

Guterres: Gaza is becoming a children’s cemetery

The protection of civilians should be of “primary importance” in the conflict between them Israel and her Hamasemphasized the general secretary of United States Antonio Guterreswarning that the Gaza Strip turns into a “children’s cemetery”.

“Israeli Defense Forces ground operations and ongoing shelling are affecting civilians, hospitals, refugee camps, mosques, churches and UN facilities, including shelters. No one is safeGuterres told reporters.

“At the same time, Hamas and other militants are using civilians as human shields and they continue to fire rockets indiscriminately against Israel,” he continued.

Guterres said they are clearly being committed violations of international humanitarian law and again called for a humanitarian ceasefire.

“Regular breaks” Biden asked

However, in the phone call they had on Monday night, the president of the US Joe Biden and the prime minister of Israel Benjamin Netanyahudiscussed the possibility of “regular breaks» in the bombings in Gaza Strip.

In particular, his representative White House John Kirby said the US would continue to talk with the Israel these temporary ones humanitarian pauses in Gaza but he added: “We believe we are at the beginning of these discussions, not the end.” Washington still doesn’t think it’s a viable option general ceasefire at the moment.

Netanyahu: Next will be Europe

“If she Middle East “Falls” into the “axis of terror”, Europe will be next”, he warned Benjamin Netanyahu, speaking to dozens of foreign ambassadors in Jerusalem. “And no one will be safe” he declared emphatically! The Israeli prime minister made it clear that his war Israel against Hamas “it’s not a local battle”. “Our victory is your victory,” he argued.

Netanyahu called Israel’s fight against her Hamas as a “wider battle between civilization and barbarism.”

“The brutality is driven by a broader axis of terror,” he said. “The axis of terror is led by Iran. It includes Hezbollah, Hamas, the Houthis and their other minions. They seek to return the Middle East and the world to a Middle Ages. They seek to torpedo, to derail any progress towards peace.”

Netanyahu pledged that after Israel destroys Hamas, it will offer the people of Gaza “a real future, a future of promise and hope.”

Hamas Threats Against US: They Have Dirty Plans

For his part, the Hamas leadership in Lebanon Osama Hamdan said on Monday that the Palestinian organization would remain in Gaza Strip and will not allow the USA to impose their “dirty plans” aimed at setting up a government that suits them and the conqueror. “Our people will not accept a new Vichy government“, he continued, referring to the pro-Nazi regime of occupied France during World War II.

Israel has announced that the goal of its war in Gaza is “to destroy Hamas,” in response to the October 7 attacks on Israeli soil that killed at least 1,400 people, mostly civilians. Israeli bombardment of Gaza has killed at least 10,000 people, mostly civilians, according to Hamas.

“To those who believe that Hamas will disappear (I say that) it will remain firmly in the consciousness (…) of our people and no power in the world will be able to eliminate it or marginalize it,” said Osama Hamdan, the head of Hamas in Lebanon, in a press conference he gave.

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