5 a.m.: The Israeli army enters Gaza City – The debate about wiretapping “fires up” – Kasselakis does not back down on the deletions

5 a.m.: The Israeli army enters Gaza City – The debate about wiretapping “fires up” – Kasselakis does not back down on the deletions
5 a.m.: The Israeli army enters Gaza City – The debate about wiretapping “fires up” – Kasselakis does not back down on the deletions


The Israeli army is entering Gaza City in the next 48 hours

  • The entrance to Gaza City: Poised to enter Gaza City is Israel as the country’s armed forces (IDF) believe that within the next 48 hours they will have it surrounded and fighting inside will begin as Operation Iron Sword moves into its next phase.
  • Apocalypse: At the same time, there is increasing concern about the extension of the crisis to other fronts as a revelation came to light about the supply of weapons to Hezbollah through the Wagner paramilitary group.
  • The meeting: In this context, US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken unexpectedly met with Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas in the West Bank for about an hour. Abbas told Blinken that there should be an immediate ceasefire and humanitarian aid flow to Gaza. For his part, Blinken argued that the US is committed to the transfer of aid to Gaza and the restoration of necessary services there.


The debate about wiretapping is “flaming”.

  • The conference: The pressure on the Minister of State, Makis Voridis, was intense during the conference of the five constitutionally enshrined Independent Authorities, where the discussion seemed like an overview of what has happened since August 2022, when the wiretapping case was revealed.
  • The thrill of Rammos: Speaking at the conference, the president of ADAE, Christos Rammos, who also bore the brunt of the confrontation with the government over the wiretapping scandal, recalled the public abusive and defamatory attacks he received: “My honor and reputation are hurt, but also something most valuable, my judicial honor” he said excitedly.
  • The prosecution of ADAE members: It is recalled that two members of ADAE, Katerina Papanikolaou and Stefanos Gritzalis, have been called to testify, as suspects for the leak of the investigation data, at the Amarousi Magistrate’s Court, on November 9.

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Kasselakis does not go back on the deletions – They are taking exit positions in SYRIZA

  • Coexistence: “It is unlikely that presidents and members of the Umbrella will co-exist,” a central member of SYRIZA-PS, who has the ability to talk to all tendencies, says to “Vima” and explains it as follows: “Each side has its own views and their own of reasons does not subside, and this makes the common course difficult”.
  • The gathering: A large event organized by the left-wing tendency of the party “53” with the title: “The renewing and radical Left against the challenges of the times”, will be held today. This meeting will decide a lot, although the vast majority of Umbrella is on the line of leaving, which is also embraced by its central executives.
  • The Civil War for Trolls: For the members of the Umbrella, many things cannot be accepted, as was shown by the war in X (formerly Twitter) with the internal party landscape catching fire after the complaints of Panos Skourletis about SYRIZA trolls and his decision to appeal to the Prosecution Cybercrime to identify the real users of accounts like Penn Dalawra’s.


Polling the Political System: The Age of Diminished Expectations

  • The lowered expectations: “In the wrong direction” 64% of respondents to the Metron Analysis poll believe that the country is going, while reduced expectations for the country’s course go hand in hand, according to the poll, with pessimistic assessments of the political system.
  • The political asymmetry: The disproportion of social demands with elaborated and accepted political solutions (which is described by the term political asymmetry) seems to be confirmed at the three levels investigated: Relationship of the political system with society, Governance, International Level.
  • The demand for reforms: The majority of respondents, from 2017 to date, seem to consistently seek reforms in our society, but the proposed changes from the political system seem to merely renew the reform agenda, without the changes being implemented.


Great victory for PAOK with 2-4 in Karaiskakis

  • The “black and white party”: Although the game was tied until the end of the first half, then Olympiakos’ defense collapsed. Andrija Zivkovic opened the scoring in the 38th minute, while in the replay, Brandon Thomas doubled the goals of the “Northern Doubleheader” with an accurate penalty kick. In the 65th minute, Tomas was anointed scorer again, only for Ozdoev to come in the 78th minute to turn into a goal an excellent effort by PAOK’s young attacking midfielder, Yannis Constantelia, for 0-4.
  • The “red-white” reaction: The only thing Olympiacos managed afterwards was to reduce, initially to 1-4, with a beautiful goal by Kostas Fortounis in the 86th minute and finally to 2-4 with a header by Giorgos Masouras in the 8th minute of stoppage time.
  • The rating: After the great victory of PAOK in Faliro, the standings in the first places of the Super League are as follows: 1. Panathinaikos 25 b. 2. Olympiakos 21 b. 3. AEK 21 b. 4. PAOK 20 b.

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