What does the “Agios Dimitrios” hospital respond to the collapse of the roof and the injury of a doctor


The hospital administration gives the answer “Saint Demetrius” for the incident of the falling part of the roof of the building, which had resulting in a minor injury to a medical practitioner. Management points to the manufacturing company as responsible.

“The Hospital reserves the right to take any legal action against the manufacturing company for bad workmanship and the relevant actions have already been taken,” the announcement states, among other things.

The announcement in detail:

“Regarding what was mentioned in yesterday’s publications regarding the fall of part of the recently renovated ceiling of the Hospital’s dormitories, the following applies:

The “O AGIOS ΔHMHTPIOS” Hospital is a neoclassical building built in 1912 and therefore its building infrastructure needs continuous interventions and upgrades.

The Administration of the Hospital makes every possible effort in this direction and always with the safety of the citizens and its staff in mind. In this context, on Monday 9/25/2023, the work began to restore the waterproofness of the ceramic roof and to replace the false ceiling in the doctors’ dormitories on the second floor of the neoclassical building of the AGIOS DIMITRIOS GNTH.

The works lasted until 14/10/2023. Yesterday 4/11/2023 part of the false ceiling detached and falling slightly injured a medical specialist in the leg. The event has been recorded and the announcement of the occupational accident will follow on the platform of the Labor Inspection Body in accordance with the written provisions.

The Hospital reserves the right to take any legal action against the manufacturing company for poor workmanship and the relevant actions have already been taken. Regarding the restoration of other damages and the upgrading of the dormitories, a call for expressions of interest has already been posted since 2/11/2023, for the remodeling of the spaces in the doctors’ dormitories and in the Hospital’s stairwell.

Realizing the necessity of immediate and long-term interventions in the building infrastructure, the Hospital Administration, in direct cooperation with the Administration of the 3rd Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Health, has more than doubled the expenditure on technical projects from its own resources compared to 2019, and at the same time all external procedures funding are proceeding apace. As an example, we mention the inclusion of the renovation of the Emergency Department in the Recovery Fund, the supply of medical technology equipment from the NSRF 2021-2027, the installation of a new elevator, the implementation of the Fire Safety study as well as the removal and replacement of asbestos roofs in auxiliary buildings of the hospital with resources from the Recovery Fund. The Administration of the hospital”.

The article is in Greek

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