Anger in Lebanon over the blind Israeli raid with dead civilians

Anger in Lebanon over the blind Israeli raid with dead civilians
Anger in Lebanon over the blind Israeli raid with dead civilians

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We are investigating, our strikes are based on intelligence, the Israeli military replies

The atmosphere is also explosive on Israel’s northern border, after an airstrike that claimed the lives of a woman and her three grandchildren, with Hezbollah reacting with a barrage of rockets and Tel Aviv giving a half-hearted response.

This morning an Israeli strike killed four people in a car driving on a road in southern Lebanon, the victims being a woman and her three grandchildren aged 14, 12 and 10. The unfortunate woman was the sister of journalist Samir Ayub, a local radio correspondent.

The airstrike sparked an outcry in the country, with Beirut announcing it would file a complaint with the UN over the killing of civilians. Foreign Minister Abdullah Bou Habib told Reuters his country was collecting information and photos and would likely submit its complaint tomorrow, Monday.

Late today, Sunday, the position came from Tel Aviv, with the Israeli army spokesman not giving details of the bloody attack, but maintaining that the army is acting on intelligence and is carefully examining every event in Lebanon.

When asked about this during the press briefing, Israel’s chief military spokesman Daniel Haggari said: “Regarding Lebanon, we attack based on intelligence and we will continue to attack. This is our mission. We will attack whoever threatens us.”

“And of course every event that happens in Lebanon we examine and learn about it in order to understand the details. That’s all I can say at this point,” he said.

However, the reaction was aggressive from Hezbollah, which announced that it launched Katyusha rockets today against the city of Kiryat Shmona in northern Israel, in retaliation for the Israeli strike in southern Lebanon that killed a woman and three children.

In a statement, Hezbollah said its attack was carried out in response to Israel’s “brutal and brutal crime”.

The Israeli military later announced that an Israeli citizen had been killed in Hezbollah shelling over the border, as tensions have escalated between Israel and the Shiite militant group amid the war in Gaza.

The army did not specify where the Israeli was killed.

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