PAOKARA for a kiss! Whatever happens… Lucescu knows | Blog – Stavros Soudoulidis

PAOKARA for a kiss! Whatever happens… Lucescu knows | Blog – Stavros Soudoulidis
PAOKARA for a kiss! Whatever happens… Lucescu knows | Blog – Stavros Soudoulidis

Stavros Soudoulidis saw PAOK come down to Faliro with a plan, a clear mind and a thirst for… a reaction. A word that drives Lucescu crazy, but it led to tonight’s triumph…

In the morning many hours before the derby at “G. Karaiskakis” I wrote verbatim in the Gazzetta: “The image of the team last Monday night (30/10) at the OPAP Arena was shockingly bad, it created a strong reflection in the “black and white” organization, hence the repeated appeal of the PAE throughout the week for a “reaction” and a “regroup” , but also to Lucescus, as none of his options worked out for him”.

Within 97 minutes on Sunday night came the confirmation from his players PAOK who made history by succeeding one of his biggest away wins over Olympiakos, continuing the tradition that wants the “black and white” to win in the “G. Karaiskakis”, especially when the games are played with the presence of fans in the stands. He got to count six out of seven “doubles” playing in front of people…

The current one PAOK it is in the phase of building from the ground up, but facing, however, a requirement of functionality… ready to claim everything in Greece and Europe. Everyone is in a hurry to get to the end. And they miss the moments in between.

The completion, in order for the “black and white” construction to look like what he has Lucescu mind, it will take time and he knows that first of all, hence the irritation he caused in front of the Cosmote TV camera when he was asked the first question behind which he “hid” the reference to the (tragic) appearance just six nights ago in OPAP Arena. The same reaction to the second question.

The Romanian wants, if possible, to be erased from the map on the evening of October 30, what is certain is that for 85 minutes the footballers showed him that they have left it behind and are taking a completely different picture on the grass, where they managed to ” lock” all his trump cards Olympiakou and with the exception of the phase with him Pontensewhich started from his carbon-error Kotarskythey did not feel the slightest threat.

When the PAOK stopped the build up from the defense, which obviously needs a lot of work in training and players who can do it to succeed, his hope is gone Olympiakou to threaten his hearth.

That 0-4 became 2-4 in the end he didn’t just spoil the equalization of a historical record with PAOK’s biggest away win in the “G. Karaiskakis”, which he has been holding since the distant January of 1976possibly also spoiled his mood Lucescu. He saw in ten to twelve minutes his players made as many mistakes as they had not made in the previous 85 minutes, where his plan worked in full.

In the summer, many changes were made, even with an urgent procedure from one point onwards, that’s why the Lucescu insists on not standing on a bad night and looking at the big picture. What is the big picture? That from the summer onwards, o PAOK got three qualifications in the European qualifiers, has the absolute “three out of three” in its group and is in the group of four teams that will fight for the title until the end.

The management of the ninety minutes in this period is the essential. THE Lucescu he knows they are waiting for him around the corner. They are waiting for the… crooked. To crucify him in the… social media cafe and on the radios. That’s football. He knows it. He has to come to terms with it, live with it, learn from any mistakes and honest criticism.

An obvious one, for example, is that it is against the logic of the sport that the most expensive purchase and some of the most expensive contracts are on the bench, however one cannot ignore the fact that this time the interventions of the coach came out. As soon as his line-up was announced PAOK there were many who sneered at the names “Kenjiora” and “Murg” next to the word basics.

But come on, where the “who Murg” he was the leader of the “Two-Headed” and one of the most decisive factors of the “black and white” triumph. The Kenjioraacquired to play right stopper rather than right back, wiped him out El Kambi and only towards the end did he lose a couple of phases. With Koulierakis they were undefeated high and low.

Doesn’t it justify him? Lucescu the persistence he showed from the summer to Brandon Thomas. The Spaniard is the league’s most valuable complementary forward. Honest. Worker. Improved. Another Brandon this year, who, however, is not PAOK’s main forward. The main (Samata) forward is on 1 goal and he on 6 so far.

And one last thing about him Yannis Constantelia. The way he caresses the ball is unique, he knows he can also come off the bench and contribute to the team. He did it in Israel with Beitar and in other matches. He can come into the match and make the difference. As he did today. With this touch he put on the black and white triumph, this new (football) work of art. Good thing his goal wasn’t disallowed Ozdoev.

Besides, as they say, diamonds don’t do well to stay…hidden. Enjoy freely:

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