PAOK 2-4: Huge triumph of Dikefalos in Karaiskakis, swept the red and whites with four goals

PAOK 2-4: Huge triumph of Dikefalos in Karaiskakis, swept the red and whites with four goals
PAOK 2-4: Huge triumph of Dikefalos in Karaiskakis, swept the red and whites with four goals

PAOK did incredible things in Karaiskakis and with beautiful goals won 4-2 against Olympiakos for the 10th matchday of the Stoiximan Super League. Zivkovic (38′), Tomas (56′, 65′), Ozdoev (78′), the goals of Dikefalos, reduced Fortounis and Masouras to 86′ and 90+8′ respectively.

Huge triumph for PAOK in Georgios Karaiskakis. Dikefalos did great things in Faliro and swept Olympiakos 4-2 for the 10th matchday of the Stoiximan Super League playing amazing football.

The finals and xGoals in Olympiacos – PAOK

PAOK opened the scoring in the 38th minute of the match with Andrija Zivkovic. Dikefalos played the ideal game, in the 56th minute Tomas increased the score with a penalty, while in the 66th minute Dikefalos’ forward made it 3-0.

In the 78th minute, Magomed Ozdoev, after an amazing collaboration of the PAOK players with Constantelia as the protagonist, made it 4-0 for Dikefalos. Fortounis reduced in the 86th minute to 4-1, with Masoura in the 90th + 8th minute shaping the result.

In the standings, PAOK reached 20 points and is in 4th place, with Olympiakos staying at 21 points and being second together with AEK (awaiting the decision of the Appeals Committee).

Olympiacos now faces the crucial game against West Ham in London (9/11, 22:00) for the Europa League groups, while PAOK faces Aberdeen in Toumba (9/11, 19:45) for the Conference League.

The match

Diego Martínez lined up in a 4-3-3, with Kamara, Ese and Alexandropoulos positioned in the center. On the other hand, Razvan Loucescu chose 4-2-3-1, with Kenziora – Koulierakis in the center of defense and Murg in position “10”, with Constantelia starting from the bench and passing during match.

In the first minutes of the match there was no final, with the duels being enough in the midfield. Olympiacos threatened in the 10th minute with a shot by Fortunis from outside the area. The red and whites had difficulty stepping in the area of ​​Dikephalos, in contrast to the PAOK players who stepped more easily in the “box” of the red and whites.

Olympiacos had a great opportunity to take the lead in the 23rd minute of the match. Fortounis from the right looked for Podense at the second post, who from close range failed to beat Kotarski, who made the save. Three minutes later, Koulierakis responded with a shot from inside the area that went wide.

PAOK increased its pace and in the 30th minute had a good moment with Zivkovic on the counterattack. In the 38th minute, Dikefalos got ahead of the score. Bamba took the parallel ball from the left, with Zivkovic making the place from inside the area, Paschalakis failed to chase, he didn’t find the ball as he would have liked and it ended up in the net.

Lucescu’s players continued to control the game until the final whistle of the first half, keeping Olympiakos out of their area.

Martinez replaced Masoura in the place of Alexandropoulos during the break with the formation becoming 4-2-2. The red and whites threatened in the 48th minute with Fortounis’ shot from outside the area, after Meite’s mistake. PAOK was the one who raised the score.

Bamba from the left made a tackle in the area, Porosso brought down Brandon Thomas, who moved onto the ball and the referee showed the white arrow. Tomas took over the execution and beat Paschalakis for 2-0 in the 56th minute of the match.

Martinez made his formation even more attacking with Solbakken replacing Kinney. However, PAOK were “fire” on the counterattack and scored a great goal in the 66th minute for 3-0. Živkovic saw Murg’s move on the left side of the area, he fed on the right to Tomas, who pushed the ball into the net.

Olympiacos tried with the changes to find a way to get back into the game, while for his part Lucescu passed Constantelias to take advantage of the empty spaces. And he succeeded as the young player from Dikefalos threatened with a shot at the home of the red and whites in the 74th minute.

In the 78th minute, PAOK increased their triumph even more with a goal… eye candy. Konstantelias played a one-two with Brandon Thomas, the young player from Dikephalos passed Paschalakis, came out to the side and with a heel laid it to Ozdoev who scored easily.

In the 86th minute, Olympiacos reduced. In stoppage time after a corner kick, Fortounis took possession on the left side of the area, crossed and the ball with the help of the crossbar entered the net. The red and whites were able to make it 4-2, with Masoura’s header at 90+8′, after Fortounis’ assist with his cross from the left.

The statistics and top performances in Olympiacos – PAOK

  • OLYMPIC: Paschalakis, Rodinei, Porosso, Retsos, Kini (65′ Solbakken), Alexandropoulos (46′ Masouras), Kamara, Ese, Pontense (73′ Scarpa), Fortounis, El Kaabi (72′ Jovetic).
  • PAOK: Kotarski, Sastre, Kenziora, Koulierakis, Baba, Meite (90′ Tsigaras), Ozdoev (89′ Schwab), Murg, Zivkovic, Tyson (73′ Constantelias), Thomas (82′ Despodov).

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