We will not let innocents be slaughtered in Gaza

We will not let innocents be slaughtered in Gaza
We will not let innocents be slaughtered in Gaza

Recep Tayyip Erdogan launched a new attack today Sunday (05/11) on Israel in a speech in Rizunda in northeastern Turkey.

As Erdoğan emphasized, “it is our duty to save our Palestinian brothers from Israeli oppression and to stop the massacres taking place in Gaza in front of the eyes of the whole world.”

“We will not leave our brothers and sisters in Gaza alone in the midst of the ongoing Israeli attacks,” the Turkish leader said.

“If peace prevails in the region, it will prevail thanks to us. For the safety of the area we will take responsibility and we will achieve this. In the Balkans, in the Caucasus, for peace and stability to prevail, we will take an active role. From Africa to Asia, we will stand with our brothers and stand for what is just.

Our Palestinian brothers and sisters are suffering from Israeli oppression and for them to be saved from this oppression and for the massacres to end, again we will take responsibility. All over the Palestinian territories, children, mothers and innocent people are being slaughtered and we will not let it go.

It is a humanitarian burden on our backs, it is a diabolical slaughter. Those who support these murders of theirs we will accuse them and tell them to their faces. It is our historical responsibility to take a tough stance,” he said.

Erdogan had also launched an attack on Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, saying that “he is no longer our interlocutor in any way, we have deleted him”.

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