Sissy Christidou: The response to Light’s outburst over his edited interview


Her own response to Light after his public outburst, he gave Sissy Christidou on Sunday morning 5/11 showing his entire interview without any kind of editing.

It all started when some of Light’s statements about Andreas Mikroutsikos were aired on Sissys Christidou’s show yesterday. A few hours later, the well-known trapper broke out through his instagram account, speaking of his statements being “shithole”. (see here what Light said in his post)

Read Light’s full statements below (his “truncated statements are in bold)

“I didn’t hear any opinion from Andreas Mikroutsikos, I saw a furious gentleman, he called me a thousand names besides mine. He called me worthless, worthless, and worthless. I just wondered why there was such an outburst from this gentleman. Then I entered “googler”, I say let’s see who says these things. I saw that he is a great lyricist and composer, one of the greatest in modern Greek music. Then I saw that this is his brother Thanos Mikroutsikos. I googled again and saw who the gentleman is.

The truth is that this also made sense to me because if I had done all the antics of Greek television for 40-50 years and at the age of 75, instead of being able to retire with some dignity, I was third and fourth on the panel of Kainourgio, and I would have a lot of nerves. So I understood him a little more” Light initially stated.

And he continued: “If it was his brother, he obviously had some level, he was recognized and politically positioned, and among the greatest composers of modern Greek music. Now Mr. Andreas I don’t know what level he has, I read on google that he has been doing reality for 40-50 years, if that is his level, I would not want to be at his level.”

“Until last week, I knew Andreas Mikroutsikos like a name. I have nothing against him. He referred to me without knowing me and never having met me. His level is very low, I don’t play it because I am from a high level. I don’t have anything to share with him, he said what he said, I answered him, from then on, good luck” concluded the rapper.

Immediately after the video aired, Sissy Christidou mentioned the points that were cut in the editing and wondered what exactly the rapper thought was distorted.

Afterwards, her partners took the floor with Nikos Syrigos lashing out against Light.

The article is in Greek

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