Marianda Pieridis – Dimitris Katrivesis: Second chance for their marriage after the serious crisis


It seems that they want to give a second chance to their marriage Marianta Pieridi and Dimitris Katrivesis.

The couple, after nine years together, went through a serious crisis in their marriage and many believed that the gray clouds that had covered them could hardly be dispelled. However, according to exclusive information from the Realnews newspaper and the journalist Korynas Madagari, both the singer and the chef are trying to overcome the obstacles that led to their separation.

The first information that something was not right in their relationship, saw the light of day last summer, when Marianda Pieridis presented with Felicia Tsalapatis and Triantafyllos “Summer yes ” and Dimitris Katrivesis was in Tinos because of his own professional obligations.

The initial information wanted the crisis in the couple’s relationship to be due to the distance that separated them and the little time they had to spend together. But things, as it turned out along the way, were quite different.

In one of the broadcasts, Marianda Pieridis cried while listening to the song “den drapikes” by Natasha Theodoridou, but at the time no one understood why this happened. As she revealed some time later, the reason for her tears were some messages she received that had to do with her husband.

The first to break his silence was Dimitris Katrivesis who, speaking on the “Breakfast” show, said, “And why don’t you ask the same people who write about the separation, because I have the same question. What does it mean that we work a lot? Anyway apart from the difficulty that we don’t have time to meet and we are on a day of the week that we have off, I don’t understand what they are trying to say. George is in Tinos all the time. After I vacationed in Tinos or worked in Tinos… I have nothing to answer to God. Neither have I ever done it, nor am I going to do it now for my personal life to refer to.”

However, on the same day, Marianda Pieridis, with tears in her eyes, proceeded to make a confession through the “Super Katerina” show, confirming the difficult phase she was experiencing in her personal life and revealing what really happened.

“Something happened in our marriage. I was on the show. I found out by text. They sent me something, they sent me a lot. I looked it up because at first I thought it might be something malicious. We have been together for nine years. All this is a tsunami that came and took me and lifted me up.

I looked it up a lot. I found. He also spoke to me. Now it’s a matter of management for both of us. It’s tough. In a relationship, it is a cause of separation” Marianda Pieridis said at the time, among others. (see all her statements here)

Since then the two have distanced themselves. They spent some time apart so that they could think with a clear mind and be able to redefine their relationship. Finally, as everything shows, both Marianda Pieridis and Dimitris Katrivesis decided that what unites them is more and more important than what kept them apart and now they are ready for a new beginning.

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