report: This is EL.AS’s plan. on juvenile delinquency – The 4 axes – Newsbomb – News report: This is EL.AS’s plan. on juvenile delinquency – The 4 axes – Newsbomb – News report: This is EL.AS’s plan. on juvenile delinquency – The 4 axes – Newsbomb – News

Of course, there are not a few times when the age limit falls further, with the police trying to manage incidents involving children as young as 15, 14, and even 13 years old.

In most cases the minors are organized and have – at best – iron bars and iron fists on them, while others come out of their homes equipped with knives and screwdrivers. The attacks take place in streets, squares and even inside schools.

According to Katehaki, the issue is not only police but educational and social.

As he reveals in competent officer, EL.AS will move to 4 axles in order to try to limit incidents and protect minors.

At first intensive preventive surveillance in youth gathering places. For example in parks and squares, sidewalks in the center of Athens but also outside shopping centers.

Secondly collaboration with specialist scientists such as psychologists, criminologists and others who will collect evidence, map and record the movements of minors who may be involved in delinquent incidents.

Thirdly, cooperation with the competent Ministries for the prevention and prevention of youth violence and end special protocols for suppression and management of incidents of juvenile delinquency and crime.

Sources from the Ministry of Protection state that it is a matter of broader interventions in a number of social sectors.

Kifissia: Parents in the role of neighborhood police to protect their children

At the same time, repeated incidents of violence between minors in Kifissia in recent months, made parents go out into the streets and do patrols themselves.

A resident of Kifissia said: “I see all the time, I have seen in front of me people hitting each other if they take their cell phones. And my son was once cornered at the station and his cell phone and money were taken.”

Every Friday and Saturday when Kifisia is full of young children 15 parents of the “Kifisia Watch” group supervise the streets.

The founder of the “Kifisia Watch” initiative said: “We had a knife incident in the spring and the initiative was created and we could see that it was a growing phenomenon.”

The police statistics are revealing: Last month alone, more than 1300 minors were arrested in Attica for various criminal acts.

“We have prevented 4 incidents of beatings. The most shocking 8 minors against 1 minor. We called the police, and the worst was avoided.”

Parents are worried as they see groups of young people coming with Elektrikos to Kifissia from other neighborhoods.

“Many come for this reason to steal. See also the incident at ISAP, they stole the mobile phone with pepper spray and a crowbar in broad daylight.”

In any case, the residents of the area are calling for more intensive policing.

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