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Pranksters “unlocked” Meloni for Ukrainian, refugee, E.U. and France

Pranksters “unlocked” Meloni for Ukrainian, refugee, E.U. and France
Pranksters “unlocked” Meloni for Ukrainian, refugee, E.U. and France

He admitted war fatigue and indifference from E.U. in immigration

EUROPE 01.11.23 20:31

The Italian Prime Minister, along with Vovan and Lexus, aka Vladimir Kuznetsov and Aleksej Stolyarov, also fell victim to a phone scam by two Russian comedians known for their pranks on celebrities, publishing a 13-minute audio from their communication with Georgia Meloni, on 18 of last September.

The issue was revealed by the Italian government’s press office with the newspaper La Repubblica broadcasting the entire conversation in which Meloni refers to current geopolitical issues, with the two pranksters impersonating high-ranking political figures from Africa, with one posing as African Union committee chairman.

The two comedians complained that Africa cannot ask for help from European organizations because “all the EU money they go to Ukraine». Meloni agreed and assessed “that there is fatigue from all sides. The time is coming when everyone will agree that we need a way out, acceptable to both countries and respecting international law. I have some ideas on how to handle this situation, but I’m waiting for the right time to try to present those ideas.”

As for the Ukrainian counteroffensive, the Italian prime minister admitted that it “may not be going as expected” and that it is causing various crises, “including immigration, inflation and rising energy prices. It did not change the fate of the conflict,” he said. “Everyone understands that the conflict could continue for many years if we do not try to find a way out. The problem is which solution is acceptable to both without opening new conflicts.”

For the continuous flow African immigrants, Meloni complained that “the situation is rather complicated: more than 120 thousand people have arrived since the beginning of the year, mainly from Tunisia. The situation is very difficult on all fronts, the humanitarian situation, the supply situation, the security situation. I think this flow may increase because of the situation developing in Africa, especially in the Sahel.”

With harsh words she spoke about the inaction of her colleagues in EU. about migratory: “Europe for a long time believed that it could solve the problem by leaving Italy alone. They don’t understand that this is impossible. The scale of this phenomenon affects, in my opinion, not only the European Union, but also the United Nations. But the problem is that others don’t care. They didn’t answer the phone when I called them. And everyone agrees that Italy must solve this problem on its own. That’s a very stupid way of thinking.” And then he repeated: “The E.U. he says he understands. But when you ask them to provide resources, to help, it becomes more difficult, I have to tell the truth.”

But Meloni had complaints about her too France about the crisis in Niger: The French “have different priorities in Niger” as the country is rich in uranium and other minerals. “Their point of view is different from mine. That’s why we tell them that we have to avoid situations that could create more problems than we already have.”

According to La Repubblica, the Italian government “after numerous requests” from the newspaper published a note that said: “We are sorry, we were deceived by a fraudster.”

The article is in Greek

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