Fierce attack by fascists on an ISAP train

Fierce attack by fascists on an ISAP train
Fierce attack by fascists on an ISAP train

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They broke into a specific train carriage and caused material damage, while shouting was heard. What happened in Victoria and Acropolis Rocks? Arrests and arrests.

An organized and savage attack took place at the Monastiraki Electric station, by a group of about 30-40 fascists, a few minutes after 7:30 on Wednesday night.

The fascists – who were dressed in black, had covered faces, wore states, carried turbans and shouted anti-anarchist slogans – invaded a specific train carriage heading towards Piraeus and caused material damage, while voices were heard from the carriage. It is unknown at this time if there were any injuries. The train was brought to a halt and frightened passengers were instructed to move away from the scene.

After the attack, the fascists fled to the surrounding narrows, with many of them moving towards Theseio.

At that moment there were no police in the area, only two DIAS groups in the square. About half an hour later, police men arrived and searched the wires.

EL.AS confirms.

According to police reports, fascists took the train from Neo Heraklion, with some of them getting off at Victoria station, where they damaged and broke two engines belonging to the DIAS group. It is noted that the police used chemicals and made two arrests.

Another group of fascists stopped in Monastiraki, where they damaged a specific wagon. According to the same sources, there was also a clash with anti-fascists. 4 arrivals were made in Monastiraki.

Finally, some of the fascists then went to the Rocks of the Acropolis, where they lit torches. Police arrested six people there.

→ A little earlier, the anti-fascist gatherings in Neo Heraklion, Nea Ionia and Pefkakia had been completed.

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