Olympiacos: The “apocalypse” called Porozo (vid)

Olympiacos: The “apocalypse” called Porozo (vid)
Olympiacos: The “apocalypse” called Porozo (vid)

Olympiacos with Jackson Porozos on the field concedes on average one final goal every 27′ from his “box” and in some matches his opponents did not find even one!

In his summer additions Olympiakou which were not counted as the so-called “bam” is included o Jackson Porosobut gradually the 23-year-old central defender enters the “red and white” competitive equation and in “Jedi Koule” he recently started for the second time this year as a starter.

Now based on his image in Crete but also mainly in the recent “big” 2-1 win over her West Hama young stopper seems capable of offering valuable solutions to the Piraeus “backline”.

So let’s look at his achievements this year and mainly how many finals/opportunities, as well as goals, the club conceded through his frames with him inside the four lines of the field, as of course and if this happened.

*In his debut with the “red and white” he replaced him Retzo, in the 70′ of 3-1 against her Chukaritsky in the Faliro. During this time, Olympic conceded three finals, two of which were shots from outside the area (one of which he put on the counter) and conceded a goal from close range by Milandinovic at 90’+3′.

*In her rematch Serbia replaced him again Greek central defender, in the 57th minute of the match that Piraeus won 3-0. The hosts not only did not have a “clean” phase during this time, but they only made two finals, one of which was with a “lukewarm” shot from outside the box.

*At 4-0 against her Kifissia it was the third time he played as a substitute Retsu, where he took his place in 74′. The opponent of the “red and whites” did not even draw a final in this period of time, that is, with him on the field.

*His next participation was in “Zosimades”, where in the game won by Olympic with 3-0 he went into the break instead Freire. The hosts in the second half found three finals, one with his long shot Count and two more on headers from inside his area Paschalakiof which her Balan it was on static.

*THE Poros he also played in this year’s second visit of Olympiakos to Serbiawhere at 2-2 with Batska Topola went through the race instead El Kambi in 74′. During this time the hosts equalized with his close shot Padovic (88′), while they also had a shot in stoppage time.

*At 2-1 against her West Ham for his Clubs Europa League he was first found in the “red and white” basic shape – as his partner Retsu in the “heart of the rear” – and contributed greatly to his great victory Olympiakou. The “Hammers” threatened little through his frames (seven respective finals/2 essentially their good moments) and the 23-year-old was among the top of Piraeus. As a plus of that appearance, he took two dangerous headers in the attack and even “flirted” with the goal (mainly in the 80′ phase).

*Until we got to 2-0 on him OFI in Cretewhere he was again eleventh and again at his side Greek central defender. THE Olympic in “Jedi Koule” he received all three finals, two with direct set balls and one with a long shot, i.e. all outside his large area and the young stopper again got a very good score.

So to reach a conclusion. The central defender from the Ecuador he counts so far seven participations inside and outside the borders, where he played in 354′ along with the delays. In this period of time the “red and white” conceded only 13 finals in their frames (average 1/27′), of which seven were from a club of the level of West Ham and without of course counting all of them as opportunities. After all, only two of them ended up in the net.

Certainly in a team everyone defends and everyone attacks, while at such a high level as they are Piraeus there are a lot of “frontline” players, so relevant credits go to everyone in the locker room. However, all of the above are indicative of what he can offer Poroshow much more so when it comes to a player of only 23 years who came to our country this year and has reasonably not yet acclimatized to 100%.

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