BBC: Open Rafa’s passage

BBC: Open Rafa’s passage
BBC: Open Rafa’s passage

The first foreigners and dual nationals cross the Rafah border crossing between Gaza and Egypt, according to an AFP reporter

Dozens of foreigners and people with dual citizenship left the Gaza Strip for Egypt today via the Rafah border crossing, which was first opened to human traffic on the 26th day of the war between Israel and Hamasaccording to an AFP journalist who is there.

Up to 500 owners of foreign passports will cross the Rafah from Gaza into Egypt on Wednesday, according to an Egyptian source

They were given permission to enter the terminal at around 09:45 Greek time after the announcement by the Egyptian authorities that the border crossing will be opened exceptionally to allow the crossing as well nearly 90 Palestinians injured.

“I have a first teamn xof passports will cross the Rafah terminal to Egypt today”an official from the authorities in charge of the Rafah border crossing with Gaza, which has been bombarded continuously by Israel since the start of the war against Hamas, told AFP earlier.

Qatar reportedly mediated successfully to reach an agreement between Egypt, Israel and the terrorist group Hamaswhich controls Gaza, in coordination with the United States.

According to the Reuters news agency, there is no agreement on the how long the crossing will remain open.

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