White asphalt in Kakia Skala: The first white tunnel in Greece

White asphalt in Kakia Skala: The first white tunnel in Greece
White asphalt in Kakia Skala: The first white tunnel in Greece

Olympia Odos completed the light-colored coating of the road surface in the “Theseas” tunnel.

It has been put into circulation for a few days now “Thiseas” tunnel in the area of ​​Kakia Skala, the first tunnel in Greece with a light colored road surface coating. This particular tunnel is upstream to Athens and is part of its pilot program Olympia Roadwhich manages and maintains the Athens-Patras highway.

The benefits in energy consumption and road safety

This specific intervention has to do with both sustainable mobility and road safety. The application of the special surface coating on the road surface of the tunnel results in the slight coloring of the existing asphalt and therefore the reducing the necessary level of brightness in the tunnel from the lightingwith a positive environmental impact on its operation.

In addition to reducing energy consumption, the replacement of the asphalt carpet is avoided. Both benefits translate into a reduction in carbon dioxide emissions and are in line with the environmental policy and commitments of the shareholders of Olympia Odos (VINCI Concessions, Hochtief PPP Solutions, AVAX, TERNA, AKTOR) for the climate and the circular economy.

Significant results are also expected at the level of road safety, where the lighter road surface is expected to create a more relaxing driving environment. In addition, reflective equipment (cat’s eyes) will be installed every 10 meters along the curb on both sides of the tunnel, while to maintain the line contrast on the new light-colored road surface, a combination of a black frame with a dashed white line inside will be applied.

During the first weeks of operation of the tunnel with the new road surface and in order for the drivers to familiarize themselves with the new environment, the speed limit will be maintained at 80 km/h. Then, when it is confirmed that in these conditions of road surface color and striping, the good experience found in the European Practices is also valid in the case of the THISEAS tunnel, then the new technique will be extended and applied to other tunnels of Olympia Road.

It is a practice which to date it has been implemented in both Germany and Austriain tunnels longer than 1,000 meters, as widely in Francewhere the application of surface coatings that brighten the surface of the tunnels has given excellent results for many years.

Photos: Olympia Odos

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