Eva Kaili: Final break with Georgie – “How did I allow this toxic monster to be home?”

Eva Kaili: Final break with Georgie – “How did I allow this toxic monster to be home?”
Eva Kaili: Final break with Georgie – “How did I allow this toxic monster to be home?”

“Toxic monster” Eva Kaili called Francesco Giorgi, her partner, according to what her lawyer said.

Eva Kaili, after the revelations in the Qatargate scandal, seems to be leading to a final break with Georgi, as she feels betrayed by his actions and his involvement.


In fact, Eva Kaili has stated from the beginning that she feels betrayed by the developments and the attitude of Francesco Giorgi. The former vice-president of the European Parliament has not spoken to her partner since the scandal broke.

“Eva Kaili is betrayed”

Eva Kaili’s lawyer, Michalis Dimitrakopoulos, said, speaking to the STAR and referring to the suitcase with money found in the couple’s home:

“Ms. Kaili is betrayed, for the suitcase, by the man she trusted, by the man with whom she gave birth to a child, her partner. She wonders how she allowed this ‘toxic monster’ to be inside their home and not let her know.”

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Dimitrakopoulos: “Pantseri is insolvent – Whatever he says about Eva Kaili, it will be a story”


Meanwhile, Francesco Giorgi is due to appear before the pre-trial council in Brussels on Thursday to decide whether he should remain in custody or be released on parole.

At the same time, the Spanish newspaper “Es Diario” highlighted the close relationship of Eva Caili and Francesco Giorgi with the secretary of the president of the group of Eurosocialists in the European Parliament.

Qatargate: Pancheri testified, he also judges the fate of Kaili

At the same time, today the “mastermind” of the Qatargate case, Antonio Pancheri, testified secretly, a development that is expected to bring rapid developments, while Eva Kaili remains in prison.

Antonio Panzeri has decided to cooperate with the Belgian authorities and will name names and reveal how the organization operated, as well as which other countries and persons are involved in Qatargate.

How is Eva Kaili affected – Pancheri can “burn” her

Pantzeri’s lawyer, in his recent statements to the Italian “Corriere della Sera”, commented on the Greek MEP that “Kaili is trying to defend herself. Pancheri will speak, he will tell the truth. The agreement with the prosecution provides for a preliminary statement, but he will not be the accuser of the others.”


Eva Kaili’s lawyer, Michalis Dimitrakopoulos, said that his client “has nothing to worry about” and described Pantseri as an “unreliable witness”.

“Mr. Pancheri is an unreliable witness because he decided to cooperate with the Brussels authorities when his daughter and wife were extradited to Belgium. So, in order to save his family, whatever they tell him, whatever they give him, he will sign,” said Mr. Dimitrakopoulos.

“He had no professional relationship with him, he had a bed bug in his house and he was heard saying that he would give money here and there, he never said he would give money to Kaili. He is capable, however, of involving persons from other countries to save his family,” he added.

Asked from which countries Pantseri can involve political figures, Michalis Dimitrakopoulos replied: “From Italy and France, I don’t know if it will reach Greece as well. Depending on how they want to use it. He is being manipulated so that he and his family don’t go to jail.”



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