War in Ukraine – Spiegel: After the US Abrams, Germany sends Leopard to Kyiv

War in Ukraine – Spiegel: After the US Abrams, Germany sends Leopard to Kyiv
War in Ukraine – Spiegel: After the US Abrams, Germany sends Leopard to Kyiv

German Chancellor Olaf Scholz decided to approve the delivery of tanks Leopard 2 in Ukraine, while allowing other countries, such as Poland, to do the same, reports the German magazine Der Spiegel.

According to the publication, the decision concerns the delivery of at least one tank Leopard 2 A6. It is one of the most advanced variants of the chariot, which Greece also has it. At the same time, it will approve the shipment of Leopard tanks – usually the older Leopard 2 A4 type – from other countries, as the condition of German consent to their resale or disposal to third parties is included in the terms of sale of the tanks.

The long-awaited, as things turned out, decision is expected to be announced tomorrow, Wednesday. Chancellor Solz will answer questions from members of parliament during “Chancellor’s Hour” in the Bundestag, and will later be interviewed on ZDF television. It’s a decision that came after weeks of deliberations and under the weight of intense criticism from both Germany’s allies and at home of Chancellor Olaf Scholz.

The German magazine points out that and other allies intend to follow in Germany’s footsteps and to reinforce the Ukrainian army with tanks. Ukraine had reported that 12 countries had shown interest.

The tanks will come from the stocks of the German army, adds Spiegel. Over time the numbers are likely to increase as tanks come out of storage and are maintained to be sent to the Ukrainian front. However, other countries, such as Sweden which has 120 Leopard, are less willing to give them up. A Swedish officer said anonymously that his country has supported Ukraine militarily, but for now the issue of tanks is “not on the table”. He even cited the danger of Russia and the fact that Sweden cannot provide armaments without replenishing its stockpiles.

Earlier on Tuesday Bloomberg – citing well-informed sources – he wrote that Mr Olaf Solz is expected to give Poland her approval from Wednesday for re-export of the German-made Leopard in Ukraine.

German law requires approval for the re-export of its military equipment, meaning the hundreds of Leopard tanks in Europe can only be sent to Ukraine with Berlin’s consent.

It is noted that in recent days both Poland and countries such as Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania have expressed their concern about Berlin’s attitude, abandoning Solz for dramatic delays.

Earlier, Poland formally requested authorizationincreasing pressure on the chancellor with the German government saying it would respond immediately.

THE Berlin’s new defense ministerBoris Pistorius, said a decision on the procurement of the Leopards and approval of their re-export could be made in the coming days.

As Ukraine and its allies prepare for a new Russian offensive this spring, the debate over sending tanks has become a flashpoint among NATO allies.

Scholz insisted, however, that Germany must not act alone, stressing the following:We never go alone».

“Turn” and from the USA

In a parallel development and making a 180-degree turn, the US looks set to lift its objections to sending US of M1 Abrams tanks in Ukraine, reported the Wall Street Journal, which adds that the announcement will probably be made within the week.

According to the source, the announcement will be part of a wider one diplomatic agreement with Germany on the basis of which Berlin will agree to send a smaller number of its own Leopard 2 tanks but also to approve their re-export from the Poland and other countries to Ukraine.

Two US officials who spoke to Reuters on condition of anonymity said that they don’t know if a final decision has been made for sending Abrams to Ukraine, an action that would encourage Germany to do the same. The Pentagon has not yet commented on this information.

In this way, the dispute that threatened to break the Western alliance, eleven months after the start of the war, will be settled. Indicative of exactly this looming rift were the statements of the German Foreign Minister, Analena Berbock, who today called for unity among the Western allies amid the debate over the delivery of German tanks to Ukraine.

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