Ark of the World: The mother of three children is shocked by what she experienced in the NGO’s structures

Ark of the World: The mother of three children is shocked by what she experienced in the NGO’s structures
Ark of the World: The mother of three children is shocked by what she experienced in the NGO’s structures

There is no end to the revelations coming to light regarding the abuse of children in the Ark of the World, alongside those regarding financial scandals.

One more testimony comes to be added to the rest, confirming that beatings and extreme punishments – including in the infamous “punishment cage” in the Volos structure – were part of the daily life of the children housed in the NGO in question.

The shocking testimony of the mother of three children

The mother of three children who experienced the horror in the Ark of the World, shocks.

Speaking to, she describes the nightmarish moments that her minor children experienced at the hands of construction workers, as they have told her.

“We had an incredible experience… torture. My little son describes to me how he was locked in a cage, that this cage is for parrots and pigeons and not for small children.

And they locked him in there at night, so that no one would see them (the children). As the child describes to me, they put him there for his behavior. The educators told him that his behavior is for a cage. The children were disobedient, they were unruly, and they had to be disciplined in this way.

In addition, my child has said that he was spoken to very badly, that he was beaten, there are also marks on his legs, on his back, and of course we have taken legal action with all this”.

They had locked the kid who had coronavirus in the closet for 3 days

The mother even presents photos of the bruises from the beatings her eldest son received from the structure’s pedagogue.

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According to the mother in the Volos structure, there was a room that was used as a storage area and there the “unruly” and “unruly” children were locked up fasting, without water and without light for many hours.

“My son tells me when I, mom, got sick from the coronavirus, I was locked in there for 2-3 days with 6 other kids without medicine with nothing. The only thing they had given the children was a bottle of water for all 6 people for 3 days”, emphasizes the mother, while regarding her little daughter she complains of beatings by workers of the structure.

As she says characteristically, the child told her that her teachers were pulling her to take off the new clothes that her mother sent her and when she reacted, they hit her on the hands and feet.

They put the children to work from 6 in the morning

Child labor seems to have been another hidden secret of the organization’s managers as according to the mother, especially in the Volos structure, the children woke up at 6:00 in the morning to work. In fact, as he says, some children were given 5 euros for the work they offered, mainly in the fields.

According to the mother’s complaint, the children were accommodated in the structures of Athens and Volos, while although they were brothers they had been separated and had no contact.

“All this was happening because they thought that in this way the children would be punished and they would do what they were told. For example, they used to tell my son if you don’t eat your food… he might have the same food for 3-4 days before he eats. Even if it was spoiled he had to eat this food. The child could not ask for more food.”

“Father Antonios knew”

The mother declares that she is certain that father Antonios knew everything, while she claims that they did not let her see the children using various excuses.

“They wouldn’t let me see the children, I called and they hung up on me, they told me I had no rights. I almost went crazy.”

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