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NATO lost the Russian submarine “Belgorod” from the radars

NATO lost the Russian submarine “Belgorod” from the radars
NATO lost the Russian submarine “Belgorod” from the radars

Thriller, mystery and concern in NATO for the detection of the Russian submarine “Belgorod” as according to Repubblica it has disappeared from the radars.

The so-called superweapon of the apocalypse, “Putin’s vault” can carry at least six nuclear-tipped torpedoes…capable of traveling thousands of kilometers and upon activation causing a radioactive tsunami wiping out entire cities…Early estimates are that it is heading for northern Siberia for tests on the torpedo, named Poseidon.

The situation has put everyone on alert, as the threats of nuclear use by associates of the Russian president are increasing. The escalation would be unprecedented, says retired general David Petraeus: “hypothetically speaking, the answer would be to lead NATO in a concerted effort to destroy every Russian conventional force we find in Ukraine, Crimea and every ship in the Baltic Sea”.

And while Kadyrov is sending his teenage sons to the front by publishing the relevant images from their training, the Kremlin is distancing itself from his exhortation to use nuclear weapons.

“Even in difficult times, sentimentality should be kept out of the assessment of the situation. We prefer to stick to more balanced and objective assessments,” stressed Dmitry Peskov.

Meanwhile, Dmitry Medvedev ironically responds to President Zelensky for his request for rapid NATO membership. “Zelensky wants to speed up the NATO accession process. Terrible idea. It’s just begging NATO to speed up the start of World War III,” he said.

And while the Duma approved with an absolute majority the annexation of the four Ukrainian territories after the illegal referendums, the EU responded with coordinated calls from Russian ambassadors to member states for explanations.

At the same time, Volodymyr Zelensky announces that other lands have been liberated, mainly in the Kherson region, which is in the areas annexed by Russia. According to the American defense minister, the weapons of the allies have helped the counterattack of the Ukrainians.

The characteristics of the “Poseidon” torpedo – It is called a “weapon of the apocalypse”

There are fears that the mission of the Russian submarine is to test for the first time the super-torpedo “Poseidon”, which is described as the “weapon of the apocalypse” and can eliminate metropolises such as New York or Los Angeles.

The “Belgorod” submarine is considered by the West to be an espionage tool and a weapon for possible nuclear war.

It has a length of 180 meters, a speed of 200 km/h and can be found under the sea for 120 days. The submarine can carry six to eight “Poseidon” torpedoes.

These torpedoes are designed to find a target from hundreds of kilometers away and be hidden from enemy radars because they travel on the seabed.

These are huge torpedoes that carry nuclear weapons with 130 times the power of the Hiroshima bomb.

They can create a 500 meter tsunami that will wipe entire cities off the map.

Source: ERT

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