Olympiacos – Hapoel Holon 88-77: Peters and Larentzakis “cleaned up” (vids)

Olympiacos – Hapoel Holon 88-77: Peters and Larentzakis “cleaned up” (vids)
Olympiacos – Hapoel Holon 88-77: Peters and Larentzakis “cleaned up” (vids)

Olympiacos struggled against Hapoel Holon on the first day of “Neophytos Handriotis” but finally prevailed with 88-77 and Peters, Larentzakis leaders.

THE Olympic struggled for 35 minutes against Hapoel Holonwho was finding ways to stay close to the score, for the premiere of “Neofytos Handriotis”, but with Lorentzakis to take over from him Peters overturned 65-67, went on a 12-0 run and eventually prevailed 88-77.

The “red and white”, who did not have him Sluka with them in Cyprus and they saw him Fal to compete only 13:11 after coming from the EuroBasketsaw him Peters to score 15 points on 3/6 3-pointers in the 3rd period and the Lorentzakis to have a solid performance on defense and offense with 13 points, 2 assists, 2 blocks, 1 rebound. Up close and the Papanikolaou, McKissick with 10 points, while o Walkup continues to play with tremendous confidence in the friendlies, scoring 9 points to go along with 7 assists.

For the losers, enough damage was done to the racket by Kanjiwho consistently won the battles and scored 16 points (3/5 3-pointers), while Ragland added 13. O Olympic will face for the second day of the tournament the Saturday (24/9) the Red Star at 18:00, while Holon will find at 20:30 the Dove of Santa Spanoulis.

“Hot” start with 13-2 in the third minute

THE Olympic it was the team that came in with their foot on the gas, mainly because of his presence Thomas Walkup. THE American with two three-pointers and one assist he was the reason for the 13-2 after just three minutes of play. Its percentage Olympiakou but it gradually fell, reaching 4/9 and n Hapoel found a way to come back from 16-5 to 19-14 with the finale of the first period.

THE Goudes tried to limit the “red blood cells» with a 2-3 zone, but the second five although he did not have Walkuphe had… Lorentzakis. Two 3-pointers of his own brought the lead back to 11 (25-14 at 11′), but the Israelis came back before halftime. THE Kanji took certain battles from him Boloboi in the post and the miss from the long shot brought the individual 1-11, for 29-28, four minutes before the half.

Yes, with a three-pointer Kanji and an indirect such of Misgavthe Hapoel managed to equalize at 36 points before the end of the first half, with Olympiakos making 8/25 three-pointers and 5/7 two-pointers in that period.

Peters started it, Larentzakis… finished it for Olympiakos

The data changed just o Peters… grabbed fire from the perimeter. With 3/3 3-pointers he led the Olympiakos offense to 55-49, but the Israeli champions always found a way to keep the score close. With two more long shots of their tall, of Kanji and Jones cut it to 57-54, staying close to the score with the shots of Jones and Dawsonbut a 3-pointer by Papanikolaou at the end made it 65-59, with the Piraeus scoring 29 in the period.

Scoreless for the first quarter of the final period, he saw his small lead disappear as well Ragland to give a lead of 65-67 to Holonfor Olympiacos to answer with two baskets by Fal and Vezenkov and two three-pointers followed McKissick, Lorentzakis for 75-67. The 12-0 streak of Olympiakos brought them to +10 with 4′ to go and the Holon he had a… mountain to climb.

THE Ragland he fought it but his entity Fal on the racket and his hustle plays Lorentzakis they showed the way, with Vezenkov to make the free throw for 85-74, 1:40 before the final horn. All that remained was where… the ball would sit for the score, with Olympiakos picking up their fifth win in as many friendlies 88-77.

The quarters: 19-14, 36-36, 65-59, 88-77

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