Victory at Archanes with a positive sign from Toral

Victory at Archanes with a positive sign from Toral
Victory at Archanes with a positive sign from Toral

OFI defeated Juhta 3-1 in Archanes in the friendly where Toral got playing time and showed he was ready for the rest.

Mandas started for OFI under the goalposts, while the K19 player, Spyros Zacharioudakis, along with Torarinson, Pasalidis, Yochou, were in defense. Perea, Staikos and Toral in the midfield, while Durmisai, Kamau and Guerrero started in the attack. Nikos Sourgias started Youchta with the following: Kolias, Geladaris, Cornilakis, Tzanis, Gialousis, Kontogiannis, Plousis, Rovythis, Nyktaris, Domatas, Azizi.

The first half was goalless, with few phases and relatively low tempo, with OFI trying to keep the ball to create and Juhta trying to threaten mainly with counterattacks.

The phases that stood out for OFI were a shot by Kamau in the 6th minute that ended up wide, a shot by Toral outside the area in the 25th minute that had the same result, but also a header by Kamau that was blocked by Kollias in the 33rd minute. However, the phase that stood out came from the hosts, with the former player of OFI and Ergotelis, Manolis Rovythis marking the crossbar of Mandas in the 43rd minute.

OFI in the second half entered with more appetite and was superior for most of the match, managing to create, score and get the friendly victory in Archanes. An out-of-form Kamau missed a terrific chance to open the scoring in the 53rd minute, missing into an empty net, while a minute later Guerrero made it 1-0 for OFI with a volley from the left.

In the 60th minute, Staikos stole near the midfield and crossed the entire field in front of him, spotting Christos for the 2-0. Juhtas deserved a goal in the game and got it in the 73rd minute with Litska scoring from inside the area to make it 2-1.

Nikos Sourgias and Nikos Nioplias made several changes in the game, in order to give their players playing time. The final 3-1 in favor of OFI “wrote” in the 83rd minute with an impressive shot from outside the area by Bouzoukis, offering a spectacle to those who were in Archanes.

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