Arcadia: 15-year-old dead after a bike ride – What happened (video)

Arcadia: 15-year-old dead after a bike ride – What happened (video)
Arcadia: 15-year-old dead after a bike ride – What happened (video)

A group of children’s bicycle ride in Kandila, Arcadia, ended in tragedy, when a 15-year-old boy died during the game.

The tragic incident happened in the late afternoon of Tuesday, September 20, just outside Kandila Arcadia, on the road leading to Nemea.

According to the first information, together with the unfortunate 15-year-old, there was a 13-year-old and another minor.

The 15-year-old seems to have fallen off his bike when he suddenly braked.

The children had left the village square to cycle on the national road of Nemea. On the way back, according to information, two bicycles collided, causing the 15-year-old to fall and hit his head. The ambulance was called, which arrived in about half an hour and took the 15-year-old to the Panarkadian hospital, where the doctors did everything they could to keep him alive, but unfortunately they didn’t succeed.

The causes are being investigated by the police authorities.

Villagers have gathered in the village to support the family of the 15-year-old, who still has a child.

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