Coleman: “I prefer the World Cup in the summer” – Interview – Fearless

Coleman: “I prefer the World Cup in the summer” – Interview – Fearless
Coleman: “I prefer the World Cup in the summer” – Interview – Fearless

The third chapter of the Chris Coleman interview to bwinSPORT FM 94.6 it was dedicated to the upcoming World Cup in Qatar, his presence on the Wales bench and the problems that the mid-season event will create for clubs.

His coach Fearless he did not hide his desire for the World Cup to be held every summer, while he referred to his national team and expressed his optimism that he will be able to succeed in the group that is together with USA, Iran and England.

At the same time, the Welsh coach spoke about the Pep (Guardiola) or (Jurgen) Klopp dilemma, while he did not hide his admiration for Marcelo Bielsa and declared himself a big fan of the Argentine coach.

The finale was delightful, as when asked about the team he “sees” winning the championship in Greece, he answered “any!”.

Excerpts of what Chris Coleman said on the special show with Vaio Tsuchika

On taking over the technical leadership of the Welsh national team and his progress in the representative group of his homeland: “Indeed, at 42, being a coach, leading your national team, is a huge opportunity. I had many challenges to face on and off the field. First of all I had to deal with the loss of a good friend of mine, Gary Speed. Then there are several challenges to face. But I wanted to build a team, a very good team, and as I told Atromitos you have to suffer to succeed. It takes patience, because there are moments when you don’t expect them. As stated in the Bible, each moment will come and pass. There are no happy moments that don’t last forever, and the same goes for the bad ones. The first months were difficult. I wished I was given the time to build the team and be able to create what I wanted. That’s how I managed to achieve everything I had in mind».

For the problems created by holding the World Cup during the season: “Like all coaches, I, too, know the risks we are called upon to manage. You have to treat every game like it’s your last. Everyone has an opinion, the fans and the management, you have to have your own opinion and go with it».

On the World Cup and the regular development of football, as well as what lies ahead for the World Cup and the problems caused by holding it mid-season: “I have spoken to the Wales manager. I know he plans the team’s preparation very carefully. We talked about the way he will prepare separately for each game. Wales and all the teams have to look at each match individually. We will have to see the experienced players, in what condition they will be. I am optimistic about the Wales team. We can get three or four points in our group. We’ve seen surprises happen in the past and I think it can happen, but I wouldn’t want to put extra pressure on the Wales manager.

As for the tactical approach, always one team steals the show. A team that we do not expect, something that I believe will happen in this event as well. In 2014 we went down to a 4-3-3, which we switched to one striker and three in central midfield to support the wing midfielders. We also saw it with Basel against Liverpool. Then we saw more attacking formations, two wingers helping immensely. We’ve seen all the shapes, but every coach sells it in his own way. The terms of approach and preparation for a match have changed, but we play football, on green grass with a referee and our goal is the same. If he says he has invented something new, he will simply have done it in a new way. Formations don’t win games, players who play the most decisive role do.”

On the problems the World Cup creates for clubs: “It is the first time something like this has happened and the coaches are asked to manage something like this. It definitely creates a lot of problems for us, as we prepare for two months to get to the right time and then we stop, which will create a problem. I grew up with the World Cups in the summer, I prefer it at that time and I’m not too comfortable with it now, I don’t really like the idea».

For the coach he prefers in the dilemma Klopp or Pep: “None I would answer. I don’t know them, but I respect them and overall for every coach. You have to be careful when trying to copy stuff from elite trainers. As for my favorite coach, apart from… you, I would say Bielsa, who is innovative and the way he prepares the team is unique. I have read enough of his books to understand his philosophy. He really is a very different coach and a brave man. He is never afraid and never thinks about the consequences. Looking at his teams, we see that they have a very nice style and that’s why I’m a big fan of his».

As to whether there is any work he has worked on: “If we could talk about one job, the Welsh National Team at the World Cup. This is a unique experience. But I believe that football chooses you and I consider myself very lucky to work in football. I don’t look at other people’s work, everyone has their own path and I enjoy every minute of it. And I feel lucky and blessed to be in Atromitos».

Of the manner in which he would be satisfied for his passage to the Intrepid: “Above all I would say in the end we were competitive and we represent the passion of the fans and the goals of the management. There is a positive feeling at the club and we want to be competitive until the end».

On whether there is any future goal in mind: “I would like to serve football for as many years as possible. When I can’t, I will stop and retire. I am happy to be part of the Greek league. I am happy at Atromitos, we have an amazing president, I have amazing contact with Mr. Angelopoulos and I have people beside me who dream about the future of the team».

For the team that will win the championship: “Anyone! (laughs)».

The article is in Greek

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