Power Pass: LIVE announcements from the Minister of Energy, Kostas Skrekas – Newsbomb – News

Power Pass: LIVE announcements from the Minister of Energy, Kostas Skrekas – Newsbomb – News
Power Pass: LIVE announcements from the Minister of Energy, Kostas Skrekas – Newsbomb – News

The Minister of Energy and Environment, Kostas Skrekas, made announcements about the new form of electricity subsidy.

The staggered subsidy to households and businesses for electricity and natural gas was announced by the Minister of Energy and Environment, Kostas Skrekas.

According to the announcements of the minister for 90% of householdswhich consume up to 500 kilowatt hours90% of the increase will be absorbed.

From 501 to 1000 kilowatt hours, the absorption of the increase drops to 80%but motivation is introduced to reduce consumption by 15% compared to that of the previous year with the subsidy to increase by 50 euros per megawatt hour.

From 1001 kilowatt hours and above, which concerns only 2% of households, aabsorption of the increase will be at 70% with the same provision for reducing consumption.

In social tariffs the entire increase is absorbed.

End, for businesses up to 2000 kilowatt hours the subsidy is at 398 euros/megawatt hour and over there at 230 euros/megawatt hour. It will be horizontal the subsidy to farmers at 436 euros/megawatt hour.

The announcements of Kostas Skrekas

“Amidst the extremely difficult conditions, Greece has foreseen and has taken measures keeping bills at affordable levels. We created the permanent excess revenue recovery mechanism that has yielded over 2 billion euros in 2.5 months. A mechanism that Europe has also adopted.

We will all fight through the winter months together. With these data, the government has set three goals. To continue support for affordable energy prices. To use every possibility for energy efficiency. To strengthen the effort to save energy.

As of today, citizens can enter the ministry’s website and find 23 suggestions for energy saving.

From On October 1st we introduce a new model for households tiered subsidy.

We are creating three subsidy scales for October. The subsidy applies to all main and non-main residence benefits without income criteria.

For monthly consumption up to 500 kilowatt hours we absorb 90% of the increase. It concerns 90% of households.

For monthly consumption up to 1000 kilowatt hours we absorb 80% of the increase. If a household reduces consumption by 15% compared to last year, then the subsidy increases by 50% per megawatt hour.

From 1001 kilowatt hours we absorb 70% of the increase. It concerns only 2% of the households of the increase. An additional increase of 50 euros per megawatt hour applies for a 15% reduction in consumption.

In social tariffs we absorb 100% of the increase as every month.

For non-domestic consumers

Subsidy for the first 2000 kilowatt hours amounts to 398 euros/megawatt hour, absorbing 80% of the increase.

For those who exceed 2000 kilowatt hours, the subsidy amounts to 230 euros/megawatt hour.

Horizontal subsidy for farmers at 436 euros/megawatt hour.

The total amount of the subsidy for the month of October amounts to 1.1 billion euros. The 1 billion is from the surplus income of the producers. The rest from the state budget.

For natural gas:

DEPA will give a horizontal subsidy of 90 euros/thermal megawatt hour absorbing more than 50% of the increase. It concerns 700,000 domestic consumers

For professionals

Subsidy 40 euros/thermal megawatt hour.

The government continues to implement a shielding policy. To deal with the consequences of the war, we are introducing a special fee of 10 euros/thermal megawatt hour that will be imposed on electricity companies for the quantities of natural gas they use.

Proceeds will support vulnerable households and businesses. Support for alternative fuels”.

Reduced price per kilowatt hour for October

The prices given by the suppliers for October moved lower compared to those of September, as the de-escalation of the price of natural gas gave the relevant margins.

• PPC gave prices of 0.595 euros per kilowatt hour for consumptions up to 500 kilowatt hours in the day charge and 0.607 euros for over 500 kilowatt hours. In the night charge the cost is 0.554 euros. In September the corresponding values ​​were 0.788 and 0.80 for the day charge and 0.747 for the night charge. The fixed price remains at 3.5 euros.

• Iron gives a fixed price of 0.62 euros per megawatt hour and the fixed price is 3 euros. In September it gave a price of 0.73 euros.

• Elpedison 59.05-63.06 cents per kilowatt hour with consistency discount.

• Volterra 68.5 cents per kilowatt hour

• Elin 59.9 cents per kilowatt hour.

A question remains regarding the state subsidy that will be announced today at 09.30 by the responsible minister Kostas Skrekas and as far as electricity is concerned it will include a graduated aid but also a “bonus” in the event of a 15% reduction in consumption which will be given with the settlement accounts that will consumers receive.

The information speaks of three levels, with the subsidy varying according to consumption and in the first level of 500 kilowatt hours per month, the support is high and hovers around 50 cents per kilowatt hour.

However, consumers seem to seek refuge from the high prices and insecurity from the prolonged energy uncertainty in the arms of PPC. Unofficial market data for customer transfers in August, the first month of implementation of the new pricing system and free transfer of customers from provider to provider, show a record number of customer returns to PPC, also following a large number of transfers in July, at the peak of noise that erupted around the readjustment clause and the generalized mistrust of private providers that accompanied it.

In July the consumers who were repatriated to PPC reached close to 5,000, while in August they exceeded 7,500 thousand. This is the largest number of transfers in the two months and indeed at a distance from the immediately following provider, ZeniΘ, which added to its clientele about 3,700 consumers in July and over 4,500 in August.

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