The story of Tanya who will become a mother at 52 – “Everything changed when…”

The story of Tanya who will become a mother at 52 – “Everything changed when…”
The story of Tanya who will become a mother at 52 – “Everything changed when…”

At 52 years old, Tania Karouzou is in her 8th month pregnancy her. In the 6th decade of her life, she is waiting for her first baby with longing but also with too much composure.

A career woman, Tanya didn’t grow up with it stereotypical dream who wanted her at home as a housewife with many children. “Becoming a mother was not my childhood dream,” she says to the “LIVE NEWS” camera.

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“It was not my dream since childhood. I didn’t want it since I was little, I wanted it later. Like many women perhaps, I too, either for professional or health reasons, delayed getting pregnant.”

“Everything changed when I turned 50”

Everything changed during the coronavirus era when she now felt ready to play this new and beautiful role in her life. When the issue of the coronavirus came, I was already 48. During the years of the coronavirus, I didn’t do anything, but I reached 50.”

A milestone age – as she says – when she had to decide whether to open up or leave behind once and for all the chapter of motherhood for her.

Today, 8 months later, she looks at her baby’s ultrasound with her partner and husband of 11 years by her side. “We decided it together. And he wanted it and I wanted it. And we said let’s go to Mr. Panto, see the possibilities and see what we can do.”

“We’re expecting a baby girl”

When she bought the baby onesie she said she thought a little creature would come into the world and wear it. She still remains reserved. She wants, as she says, to go smoothly until the day of delivery, just as her pregnancy has gone smoothly.

“They are hesitant because they have achieved a dream, albeit belatedly, after much effort and effort,” said Konstantinos Pantos, Secretary General of a Greek reproductive medicine society.

“It’s not a taboo, it’s a right”

Tanya does not care about prying eyes and sends a message to all women that you become a mother when your soul is ready.

“Those who feel that it is taboo have a problem that they do not understand that not everything can be done as they have in their mind. If you’re not bothering anyone, you’re not offending anyone, why should there be a taboo?’ he wonders.

“It’s not a taboo, it’s a right. I have dealt with couples who have lost their first child to a car accident or to disease and at 51 they wanted to have a child again. It is their right,” added Mr. Pantos.

A bill that was submitted a few days ago to the Parliament now allows women up to 54 years of age to become mothers with IVF. “Here we delayed taking measures. They are great needs. We saw at least 500-700 Greek women traveling abroad, mainly to the Balkans, Albania, to get help,” said Mr. Pantos.

“Don’t let it go, go straight to the specialist, have strength, consult the doctors, and everything will be done with God’s help” was Tanya’s advice.

New studies show that – if there are no underlying diseases – there is no particular risk up to this age for the woman or the fetus she is carrying.

“It was a lifelong dream”

Maria Mavraki, who was forced to go to Albania for IVF and last year, at the age of 53, had twins, spoke to Live News.

“It was a lifelong dream,” she said, visibly moved. “I went to Mr. Panto when I was 50 years old. I found him, we talked and he told me that unfortunately he couldn’t hire me, because the age limit is up to 50 years old in Greece”.

Maria Mavraki did not give up. Determined to have a child, she searched the Internet to find out which countries allowed IVF for women over 50.

She herself is not currently thinking about the future: “I haven’t reached the point of thinking about the future yet. Now I am very happy to have these twin boys, they are healthy and very well,” she said.

“The process has both positive and negative comments. I only hear positive things. When we see a reality, that women are running abroad trying to exercise one of their rights, the right to reproduction, this did not make any sense,” said Konstantinos Pantos.

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