David Beckham waits in line for the popular pilgrimage

David Beckham waits in line for the popular pilgrimage
David Beckham waits in line for the popular pilgrimage

Famous, but not in the queue. The reason for him David Beckhamwho caused a surprise when he appeared in line, along with ordinary mortals, waiting to pay homage to Queen Elizabeth.

The famous ex-footballer stated on Sky New that he has been waiting in line for over 12 hours. THE Beckham wears a suit, cap and holds a magura, waiting to enter Westminster. However, he continued to smile and talk to those who apparently recognized him.

He himself, speaking to journalists, described what the experience of waiting for 12 hours is like. “We all want to be here today,” he said, emphasizing the Queen’s life.

THE David Beckham had expressed his regret at the Queen’s death, saying he was devastated by her loss, while noting that the Elizabeth she inspired with her leadership, comforted people when times were hard and served her country to the end.

However, many were not particularly convinced by his crash Beckham, as they commented, he probably still hopes to be knighted. The comment was no accident, as a few years ago there was a scandal when thousands of e-mails and documents were leaked revealing that David Beckham was using his charity work to “buy back” the knighthood.

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