The definitive end of a partnership

The definitive end of a partnership
The definitive end of a partnership

Last Wednesday night, the end credits to his collaboration were effectively dropped George Mazonakis with Dionysis Schinas, when the latter left the dress rehearsal saying he had a serious problem with his back and had to have an injection.

On Thursday morning, according to the background that always exists in such matters, he informed by SMS that he is leaving the scheme, which was dissolved in six as it was composed after two postponements of the start, postponements that have given fodder for comments and scenarios surrounding what is happening between the two artists who have maintained very good relations for years and their collaboration was something that did not come about by chance.

Mazo wanted her, Schinas too. In the end, however, it will not take place since the latter announced his departure yesterday morning after a dress rehearsal that was never completed.

As for the famous poster themeDionysis Schinas had posted it on his Instagram, which shows that there was no problem, or if there was, it was solved and it was not so serious as to blow up the scheme.

It had been agreed to do two programs according to what is leaking, but finally for reasons that probably only he knows, he left for good, while already on Thursday night the rumors about the end of their formation had already flared up for good.

Finally, on Friday afternoon in a post he gave his own explanation for his decision, writing: “My dear friends, because different scenarios are heard, the reason I left was because our sold out premiere was canceled twice, without knowing the reason! I believe in mutual respect and that’s how I’ve been going all these years! So I thought it was right to step down in defense of my name, my career and myself.”

Statement which shows that Schinas wanted, or at least this comes out with his writings, to have an equal say with Giorgos Mazonakisshowing that he did not wish to have only the same font as the first name on the poster.

And as it is customary on the night when the saying applies “when the leader is present, all beginnings cease”, Mazo, who is not used to causing such situations in his collaborations, welcomed the departure of Schoinas as a fait accompli about which he could do nothing.

After his last season, which was one of the best of his personal journey, he wanted to come back just as strongly this September, it just wasn’t going to happen with Dionysis Schinas, no matter how much Mazo wanted them to be “communicating vessels” on stage.

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