His first wife died suddenly – The unknown tragic story of Paschal Terzis – News

His first wife died suddenly – The unknown tragic story of Paschal Terzis – News
His first wife died suddenly – The unknown tragic story of Paschal Terzis – News

Paschalis Terzis is one of the persons who has managed to leave his own mark in the Greek music industry as he has offered the country unique “anthems” in the field of folk songs.

He may now have retired from the singing industry after a personal decision, but few know his tragic story before he became famous as he was married again before meeting his second wife.

As he had mentioned, it was the most difficult period in his life and he even thought of ending it, but he had to stand strong for the son they had, who is also his first child. A long time ago, he had characteristically revealed that:

The tragic story of Paschalis Terzis about his first wife

As soon as I was discharged from the Army, my first wife was gone. I thought then that the end of the world had come. Even though I had a son with her, my George. I won’t hide it from you, I had a strong desire to finish. But a grandfather called me and said: “What are you talking about? Why did you bring this into the world?”. And he showed me the little one. Life went on and I was indeed blessed to have a wonderful family. Life goes on and I, my wife and my children are happy. But I don’t want to talk about those».

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The real reason Paschalis Terzis stopped the song

Zafeiris Melas gave an interview on the show “Love it” where he talked about big names in music and more. Among other things, he also referred to Paschalis Terzis, revealing the reason he made the decision to stop singing and stay away from the media at the height of his career.

The great artist’s last stops were a promo in 2010, with lyrics and music by Nikos Karvelas entitled “Hell has no fires”, while in January 2011 he prepared a song re-performed by Thodoris Papadopoulos entitled “Rain”. At the beginning of 2015, he returned to the music scene, with “I’ll tell you something”. The last song he performed was with his daughter in 2020 titled “Only for you”.

“Paschalis Terzis is fine, he just had a problem with his hips, he had two operations and that held him back. He couldn’t go on and he did well, in my opinion. Although I urged him many times to come out and sing, he said no and stayed no.

Today’s kids have no respect at all. In the past, when great artists passed by, we stood up out of respect. The night makes you hard and your stomach must be strong. Vassilis Terlegkas is a bit difficult, a bit of a party person. A good person, a soul, but he lives in his own world”, confessed Zafeiris Melas.

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