A magical musical and lighting journey to Thermopylae

A magical musical and lighting journey to Thermopylae
A magical musical and lighting journey to Thermopylae

“Thermopiles under the Light” signed by Stella Kaltsou.

The only chance to do one magical musical as well as illuminating journey we will have in the next few days, in the context of Thermopylae 2022 which open their curtain today. Events that begin with a special lighting installation in the historical area of ​​Thermopylae which this year also bears the signature by lighting designer Stella Kaltsou.

The famous Greek woman, who has put her personal stamp on a series of international productions, he has designed the lighting for operas, dance performances and concerts while she has been praised by several media outlets, she will present the unit “Thermopils in the light”.

A lighting installation, where the color and movement of the light will enliven the outdoor archaeological site of Thermopylae, creating a unique atmosphere inspired by Greek music.

The music of leading Greek composers from 1900 until today, such as Dimitris Papadimitriou, Mikis Theodorakis, Dionysios Lavragas, Iannis Xenakis, Konstantinos Vitas and Stamatis Spanoudakis will be combined with light in a magical musical and illuminating journey.

A unique journey to the historical site of Thermopylae with the signature of Stella Kaltsou, a sight that really deserves to be seen in person.

Days and times of screenings:

2/9 21.00

3/9 21.00, 21.15

4/9 21.00

The article is in Greek

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