Vassilis Lekkas: Giannis Spathas was a great musician and a great friend

Vassilis Lekkas: Giannis Spathas was a great musician and a great friend
Vassilis Lekkas: Giannis Spathas was a great musician and a great friend

Vassilis Lekkas will honor his friend and partner Giannis Spatha in an impressive concert on Sunday in Herodion.

Together with Spatha’s son, Nikos, Lekkas and renowned musicians will present the work of the great Yiannis Spathas three years after his death to one of the greatest guitarists of Greece.

Vassilis Lekkas, a great performer with lyrical expression and dynamic presence, has carved a brilliant path in the field of music for over 40 years.

He collaborated with Manos Hatzidakis and Mikis Theodorakis, while he was the voice that stood out and was chosen by Yiannis Spathas, to record the only three complete albums he released.

Three years after the death of Giannis, Lekkas will attempt for the first time to render live, in the overwhelming space of Herodei, the unique, unrepeatable sound and the indelible musical stamp of Spatha.

In the second part, Nikos Spathas with a rock band in which members of the last line-up of Socrates participate, but also together with Akis Turkogiorgis and Tasos Skouras in a special guest role, will revive the atmosphere of the epic live performances of the legendary band.

Vassilis Lekkas spoke to in about this special evening

Tell us about the concert at Herodion

I wanted to have an honor evening for Yiannis Spathas. After a discussion I had with his son, Nikos, we decided to bring all the musical aspects of Spatha to the event. His Greek repertoire with me mainly, we made three records together, “Short dreams”, “Classically illustrated” and “Spinthiras”, also by Socrates. In the second part, songs from Socrates will be played. There, the role of John will be taken over by Nikos, who will also play with me in the first part. We will be two orchestras with Nikos as our common musician.

You had a close friendship with Yiannis Spathas, how do you feel about the coming night?

I feel this case is family because I was connected with Giannis by a friendship of 40 years. I am emotionally charged but I see all the people participating in the event doing it with a lot of love and respect. There is a particularly strong feeling. The main thing is to play well. I feel very strongly the presence of Giannis, let’s play our music. What we’ve always done. Music was our expression, our way.

What stands out in Spatha’s music?

So much has been written and said about John’s personality and manner. What I felt and what makes me bow is that this man with all this musical knowledge and the way he could be transported from one world to another with just a note, was the everyday friend. Giannis was accepted beyond the Greek borders, he was admired outside Greece as well. This artistic greatness was the everyday man, the friend, the neighbor. I could never get over him but he showed me a terrible intimacy. Our houses were across the street. We were neighbors. Giannis was the reason for me to go to the area where I live. At some point, I went there too. He also baptized my son, we had a very close personal relationship.

Which song do you love the most from your collaboration?

I really like the song “Riddles” it has nice music and lyrics, it has a nice structure. I don’t want to say the word progessive but it is advanced.

Will there be any surprises on Sunday at Herodion?

At the concert we will sing an unreleased song called “Game” that we didn’t have time to release but I play it at the concerts where Nikos also participates. We will also play the only song I have written in my life, I wrote it to dedicate it to Giannis.

In the second part, many emblematic songs of the band Socrates will be heard, “Mountains”, “Stavtion”, “Queen of the universe”. I’ll wait until I’m done to go listen to all of this.

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